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    Watch Jokes

    There was a fellow sitting in a rest room stall straining to go. Another fellow entered the stall next door and within seconds the first fellow heard a loud plop. Man I wish that was me the first man said. The second man said so do I, that was my pocket watch falling in.
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    Function Help with a Waltham

    In Masonry the first "P." stands for " Past; Prelate; Prefect; Prior" and the "P.G.M." is " Past Grand Master; Past Grand Matron" Good luck with your research.
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    Watch chains

    My wife's grandfather's, he was an Elk and this was his watch chain. Supposedly elk teeth?
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    Favorite Watch Inscription

    Inscription is: Father to Mayme 1903. This watch belonged to my wife's grandmother's maid.
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    Need some help in identifying the "AN G197" engraving on this Elgin A-8 jitterbug

    To start off I have one of these A-8's that belonged to my father in law. He was a LtCol in the Air Force Reserve and a navigator on C119 cargo planes. He said he used the timer to measure ground speed. I have seen a few examples with similar markings as yours but certainly they are the...
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    Latest acquisition

    After disassembling it, turns out it was a very rare, single example prototype of a Betty Crocker. Once disassembled it was impossible to rebuild. Each participant was given a piece as a souvenir.
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    Latest acquisition

    Ok so not a pocket watch as such. Today was my birthday and a group I golf with suprised me with a cake, biggest pocket watch ever.
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    Waltham watch case gold content

    Actually Jim the note has an asterisk and I believe refers to the marks like a dog bone, the Pat'd APR. 22 1879, A.W.W. Co. WALTHAM MASS. USA and the block WALTHAM which have asterisks next to them, the other marks at the bottom of page 54 have no asterisks next to them I think his case is...
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    My Dresser Top secret drawer

    Kept in the open except for those I am still working on. Still working on a better mirrored display with the mirror further back so you can see both sides of the watches.
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    Dispersing a collection

    I have perhaps a dozen watches with family history, the rest of my collection I picked up to repair and enjoy. Pretty sure my kids will keep the important family watches and the rest? Well some other person may get the same enjoyment out of them as I did, plus I saved them from being scrapped...
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    What Started It All for You?

    My mother was raised by her grand parents. One day a scrap gold dealer came the door and asked if they had a ything to sell. My great grandmother had a 14k size 6 Waltham she had dropped and broken. My mother begged not to sell it because the case was too pretty. She relented and did not...
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    Need help Identifying Elgin stopwatch timer

    I would say it is an aircraft timer of some sort. Your math is close but this measures knots not MPH so the 12 (120) would be 138 mph and change and the 50 (500) would be 575 and change. This has to be a special purpose made timer perhaps used to test the speed of newly developed aircraft...
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    Need help Identifying Elgin stopwatch timer

    What is the serial number of the movement?
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    Pocket watch storage

    I display mine. Hard to enjoy if they are in a safe or safe deposit box. I have all the specifics and details recorded along with pictures of each.
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    McIntyre Watch on ebay?

    Should have bought it Gregory, shipping was $8.60 not $9.30.....a real bargain.

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