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    16S Hamilton 2974B US Navy "Compairing Watch"

    Here is the plate: With Hacking feature milled, and Hacking function implemented on my re-build. Look closely and you can see the Hack spring next to the balance wheel in my previous post. Clearly a Hamilton part. (Who would counterfeit a non-numbered 2974B anyway?) Back to the point of this...
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    16S Hamilton 2974B US Navy "Compairing Watch"

    Glue the dial on? No, I used all factory original parts, including the dial screws in this build. The plate was fully machined including the holes/threads for the dial screws. You are welcome to your opinion, but I disagree with your assessment because you assume this dial plate was never a...
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    Hamilton Ball Serial Number Question

    A list of 950Bs sightings with 2B prefix: 2B455 ebay 2B499 (above) 2B578 (above) 2B658 ebay movement 2B674 Seen on ebay 2B699 ebay 2B711 (Terry Hall) 2B724 (PC sold on eBay) 2B747 (above) 2B757 2B768 (from Paul Cove case number K328915)
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    Hamilton 4992B Question

    As you may know, the 4992B used a thinner post to center the minute wheel than the 992B. So a conversion kit would have a standard 992B hour wheel, and a special minute wheel with small center hole and new dial. This would turn the 24 hr 4992B into a 12 hr watch with sweep second hand such as...
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    Hamilton serial number starting with "4C"

    Paul Cove (Hamilton collector) has been watching 4C 992B Hamiltons for quite some time. Here is his list and ones that have appeared on "the auction site" recently: 4C144280 (reported above by Terry Hall) 4C144281* (reported above by WalkerR) *-very odd serial number. 4C146848 (reported above...
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    16S Hamilton 2974B US Navy "Compairing Watch"

    For your consideration: I built this 2974B up from a dial plate, so it is not the same watch as previously shown. The serial number was not milled or removed, just never applied by the factory. Perhaps a service part? Or one that just got out from the factory. The dial plate was fully machined...
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    Cornell Serial Numbers Observed

    A few more: 75728 C.L. Kidder Chicago Ill 11272 L. Hall Skaneateles, NY 11 jewel 12332 Geo F Root Chicago Ill 13267 John Evans Chicago Ill 13834 John Evans Chicago Ill 14471 E.S. Williams Chicago Ill 14947 E.S. Williams Chicago Ill 15255 John Evans Chicago Ill 15676...
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    Employee specials or “lunchbox” specials

    Here is an 18s Hamilton I believe to be a watch put together from factory rejects. Every numbered part on this watch has a different serial number, but nothing newer than 1902. And many of the parts show either remediation efforts or material flaws that would fail QA. For example, the dial plate...
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    Hamilton 992B with a Ball 999b serial number

    There have been several documented Hamilton 992Bs created by the factory using up "left over" 1B, 2B and "S" prefix "B" dial plates. Here are the 1B movements I have documented: 1B27010 on ebay, model 17 case 1B27023 in Hamlton Model 16 Case #R602859 from Jskirk 1B27058 from PC. in Model 17...
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    movement part repair Watch Wanted Hamilton "B" (992B 950B 4992B 3992B Model 23) and Model 22 parts

    Looking for a Model 23 case ring or complete case. These are keystone base metal cases. Also any other Model 23 parts. Bruce
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    Hamilton Ball Serial Number Question

    Im servicing 2B768 fitted out as a 950B.
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    2974B Centre Jewel Question

    Hi Gary, I see your question is 5 years old, Im sure you found your answer by now. The center hold jewels for "B" models are set flush to the inside of each plate. i.e. set from the "inside out". That will get your end-shake correct. 3rd and 4th wheel jewels are set with additional clearance...
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    Hamilton 992b with S prefix

    Here is an aggregated list of "S" prefix 992Bs based on an IHC thread (which is now locked?) and conversations with Paul Cove (PC) - a collector of this series. There is at least one sighting from, there may be other "S" prefix numbers to be found from that resource...
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    992B vs. 950B

    I would add the mainspring bridge and train bridge are different for the 950B, and the 950B has 2 extra dial plate holes drilled and tapped for the 2 additional plate screws used by that model. The Mainspring arbor and Barrel are also different between the two. Very late production 992B watches...
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    992B vs. 950B

    Just a quick clarification, the 2 extra jewels for the 950 - one is placed on the dial plate, one is on the ratchet wheel hub (you can see the arbor jewel in the dial plate from the attached photo) Similar to the 19 jewel 996.

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