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    Could use advice on Schatz cuckoo in the case adjustments

    I agree with Willie X. I would ask if you used the old bellows did you ensure you placed it in the same spot it was removed form? The bellows will only open so far so if they were installed lower than originally placed the lever will not be able to lift the bellows far enough to allow the tail...
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    Help Crystal Regulator case

    I've never thought about it until your question. Sorry, I have no good answer for you, but my first thought was the same an Jim's . breeze
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    What Do I Need to Use Sherline Mill for Bushings

    OK I give up already. I will save up and buy a mill. Sherline 5400? breeze
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    neuralink for clock repair...

    You first. I'll wait and see how it works out.
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    Cannon Pinion Repair

    I hammer the solder on an anvil until it is less than paper thin than it's ready to use. That's my opinion, but I could be wrong. breeze
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    Clock repair

    What you have looks fine to me. When you say it does not work what do you mean? Does it strike the wrong number or is there a lack of power to operate the strike?
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    You can place a piece of paper over the the bushing and surrounding area and file away without scratching the plate. Yeah I know but it works. breeze
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    Clock repair

    In my experience the rack tail always falls on the snail. The setup you have looks ok to me. What problem are you having with the setup you have? breeze
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    E. N. Welch Cary VP - Hands Removal

    Yes it is threaded. Normal way, counter clockwise. breeze
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    Hermle 1151-053 out of beat...maybe?

    Yes I did, thanks Mark. breeze
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    Hermle 1151-053 out of beat...maybe?

    In the first picture of post #8 it looks like the leader may be rubbing the back of the leader. If the leader is touching either the front or back of the leader you will not be able to put the movement in beat and it will cause the clock to stop and may be the source of the wobble in the...
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    Pearl GF clock 1161-853A 114 cm 1984 questions

    THT, I apologize for my rant I did not mean to offend you or anyone else reading this thread. I did misunderstand what you intended to do to serve your customer. Breeze
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    Pearl GF clock 1161-853A 114 cm 1984 questions

    I would not waste my time trying to sell this job! If you try to change movements you will regret it later as its not as easy as you think. Will you new dial fit the dial surround in the case? Listen to what Willie X said. He does the job right one time at the the right price and is done...
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    Strange 9 Bell Sonora?

    I'm not an expert on Seth Thomas Sonora Chime clocks but It is the first time I've seen the strike on a large bell. I wish we could see more pictures of the case and movement. breeze
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    Replacing Brass Bushings

    I have no idea of the origin of the movement. I tried to post pics but I can not seem to sync my camera and laptop. I know it's very hard to help without them. I will try again. Thanks Burkhard. breeze