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    Meylan Stopwatch Corp.?

    I just acquired another MEYLAN stopwatch at a small antique mall in Ferdinand, IN for five bucks, just seemed like to good of a deal to pass up. It was wound “tight” and did not want to tick, but I purchased it anyway as I thought to myself, “Self, since the American Olympic trials in swimming...
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    Question about 17s Dials

    Virgo666, Again, I am by no means an expert, but I have seen a dial similar to yours on a 16S railroad grade Elgin BW Raymond. This was many years ago down in central Florida and it was housed in a solid gold case. The jeweler that had it in his shop claimed the dial was even solid gold. My...
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    Question about 17s Dials

    Long time lurker, first time poster. All kidding aside, I thought it might be helpful to post some pictures to help describe the situation for the original poster in this thread. I just happen to own two Illinois 17S, 23-jewel Illinois Sangamo Specials, and I want to clarify, I am by no means an...
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    Elgin World War II Timers -Parts&Pieces

    Hello, I am not sure how many collectors view the chronometer heading so I will re-post a single picture here to explain my story. I purchased a “partial” or parts Elgin model 600 chronometer from the large auction site and it came with no hands. Over the past three years I have managed to...
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    Elgin Model 600 Parts for sale on the Bay?

    Almost three years have sped by since I first posted on my “parts” Elgin model 600 chronometer. Another piece of the puzzle has been solved after finding very few (aka almost none) chronometer second hands for sale. So I retrofitted the sweep second hand from a parts Elgin Timer and I think it...
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    Elgin Grade 86 Convertable size 16

    I found another convertible grade Elgin that I acquired back in 2008. I took this grade 86 out it’s Blauer marked “4” ounce coin-silver open faced case back when I still was working in an analytical laboratory. The triple hinged case actually weighed 100g, which translates into 3.5 ounce, so...
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    Elgin Grade 86 Convertable size 16

    Greg, This should be close, but I did not have the hands on this Convertble grade 86. My Mettler analytical balance is in the basement, and if you need more info, please let me know. This grade 86 weighs 57 grams on my wife’s “Homedics” kitchen scale. Brad Maisto, KY Floral #44 Secretary.
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    Brewer & Bard of Portage City, Wis does anyone know of this maker?

    I have a movement similar to the original post, mine is labeled “Indiana Watch Co.” and the white dial has “I.W.Co.”. Brad Maisto, KY Floral #44 Secretary
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    “Watch Tests” by F. M. Bookwalter, Oct. 1917

    I am not sure how long I have had this small 176 page book that measures 4 &3/4 X 7 &3/8 inches. It is the fifth edition, the title page is “The Pocket Performance of Fine Watches Exhibited by Critical and Systematic Time Service Records”. The third picture is an example of the charts found...
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    Elgin + Frederick Francis + Kewanee

    “ACannon99” Do you know if the parks department still opens this house up in the summer months? Have you been through this house and I would be curious to know the address of this home? Thanks, Brad Maisto, former Elgin resident, KY Floral #44 Secretary
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    Favorite hand sets

    Happy New Year 2021 to everyone, let’s hope this vaccine will eliminate this Covid19 pandemic this year. Found this small Howard (Keystone or Waltham manufacture) while looking for another watch that some one wants to buy from me. I was going to post only this Howard’s handset but I might as...
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    Rare Ariston completes my collection

    That is some very interesting research and great job on finding these “similar” and closely related watches. I don’t mean to hi-jack this post but I own a first edition Audubon Bird Guide bought by my great-aunt on May 15, 1948 at Marshall Field & Co. in Chicago. My great aunt taught in Oak...
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    Mystery Watch — I hope someone bought this watch!

    This “mystery” watch is why I think, most people get into collecting hoping they score the acquisition of the “crown-jewel”! All kidding aside and since I’m not a betting person, it will be interesting to see if any one does come forth with additional information on this timepiece! It looks to...
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    How about posting your glass back salesman/display cases with movement.

    I think there has been only one other Hampden posted in this thread, well here is my Special Railway, #1,380,738. It also is marked 21 Jewels, Adjusted and Safety Pinion, and Canton, Ohio on the two-tone movement. This watch was acquired in a worn Monitor 25yr GF case and I thought it deserved...
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    Bunn Special Hunter Model 8

    I don’t mean to “burst” any bubbles, but does anyone else notice the faint trace of extra case-screw movement marks around the perimeter of the watch case? We as collectors strive to collect the very best, within our “spending budgets”! But in my opinion, there has been roughly 100 years for...

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