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    Seth Thomas Tower clock clean/repair

    Remove the bent rod and reset the clock to see if that is what may be stopping the clock. Process of elimination.
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    Benjamin Morrill Tower Clock

    I'm in Central MA, close to Southern NH and would enjoy visiting this clock if only for pictures. I currently run the Templeton "Narragansett Historical Society" in MA. We have an E. Howard striking tower clock and a recent tower clock arrived this week from Ipswich MA, the one Donn Lathrop...
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    Donn Lathrop webpages

    Thank you for directing me to all of the info I was searching for is still there. Well done.
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    Donn Lathrop webpages

    I've noticed recently that the pages listing tower clock installs is missing. is no longer available. I believe it was maintained by Donn Lathrop who recently passed. Is there some way or someone who has access to this info so it can be posted online once again? I saved some...
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    Donn Lathrop & The Ipswich Tower Clock

    Our local Historical Society is preparing to move the Ipswich clock into our building in the next few weeks. We are excited to be able to share this tower clock movement with our visitors. Currently our "Grange Hall" building is under construction, so any interested visitor who stops by in...
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    Restoring the Howard #2

    We are adding an new tower clock to the collection to go with the E. Howard. The Ipswich "John Hawting" from 1762 will be featured in our "Grange hall" to the right of the stage, the Howard will be to the left. This will make quite the display and a great history to go with them. Donn Lathrop...
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    Howard Tower Clock Running Fast

    Where is the clock located?
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    Rare 1892 tower clock, long an exhibit at OMSI, looking for new home in Portland

    What a great opportunity for a small historical Society to add this to their collection. An interactive display where visitors can stand next to the clock movement to see how it works, witness the weights as they move towards the ceiling, and feel the wind created when the bell begins to ring...
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    Donn Lathrop & The Ipswich Tower Clock

    We are located in Central MASS. Templeton to be exact. We have the tower clock, with the hopes of another one on the way, and 5 tall clocks along with several wall clocks and a time clock, so it's becoming a very nice collection of timekeepers. We plan on installing the tower clock inside, I...
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    Donn Lathrop & The Ipswich Tower Clock

    Donn Lothrop back in August of 2016 upon completion of his work.
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    Donn Lathrop & The Ipswich Tower Clock

    I visited Donn as he was just completing the restoration. So sad it's not being displayed. I have a local Historical Society that would be so happy to accept it and display it next to our E. Howard Tower clock. Visitors enjoy the opportunity to see it up close.
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    Looking for help setting the bell

    UPDATE: The clock is about 98% complete, it keeps time and this week, Nov. 12th, the bell is ringing again. After a few adjustments on Saturday the 17th, I Hope to have it running at 100% again. The neighbors around the town of Winchester are happy to hear the bell ring out the hours again and...
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    Howard clock from Baldwinville

    I just heard a story about a man in Sterling MA who collects clocks, It is said he has the Howard that once was housed in the Cottages for Children in Baldwinville MA. If this is true, being the President of our local Historical Society, I would enjoy visiting the clock to take pictures and...
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    How many clockwinders does it take ...?

    I was a team of one, with a friend who would help when I was out of town. I did it for 6 years, I got sick last year and couldn't fulfill the commitment, never mind climbing the stairs and winding it. Ours was 120 cranks for the strike side and 65 for the time. The strike runs out in 5 days but...
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    Restoring the Howard #2

    The only update is that when you deal with the State and try to use grant money, you better have a lot of patience. Especially when you deal with town Selectmen who don't really know what they are doing. It took them 3 years to approve the windows. Most of the work is done now, so we are doing...

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