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  1. Botlared

    Mauthe electric clock movement.

    I would appreciate some help on a Mauthe electric clock movement. I have two of these , neither of which work. The 1st seems to be beyond repair, as the balance wheel spring is mutilated by the last owner. The 2nd could be ok. I would appreciate it if someone has drawings of the movement. I...
  2. Botlared

    English French clock ID.

    Hi Zedric, Hoping not to have to pull clock apart again. I will if I have to. But here goes. The letters GR are stamped into the front plate, like trade mark. They are around 3/8 inch high. So, if I can find out if these letters represent some identity, I can then go searching for the...
  3. Botlared

    French clock

    French clock movement with visible escapement. The escape wheel needs replacing. Would anyone have one have one. Also wpukd anybody know what GR is stamped on the plate. Thanks Phil of Prahran. Perhaps we might catch up one day.
  4. Botlared

    English French clock ID.

    Does anybody know what GR means on the plate of a french clock. I am also looking for a replacement escape wheel for this clock (visible escapement). Thanks, John
  5. Botlared

    Carriage clock

    Thanks for your time mate.
  6. Botlared

    Carriage clock

    I have a duverdry bloquel carriage clock. Cylinder and spring damaged. Any clues where I might buy a replacement. Should I be aming to buy the whole platform? Regards to all, John Baker.
  7. Botlared

    Can you help identify/date my carriage clock?

    Thanks Zedric. Very helpful. Regards, John Baker.
  8. Botlared

    Can you help identify/date my carriage clock?

    One more question if that is ok. What measurements am I gathering from the platform? Eg, spring width, platform sizes, height of cylinder and so on.
  9. Botlared

    Can you help identify/date my carriage clock?

    Thank you. Was it the image of the lion that identified it?
  10. Botlared

    Can you help identify/date my carriage clock?

    Can anyone tell me where this clock movement from. I am after a replacement platform escapement..cylinder. I have been a bit clumsy. Pulled apart ...damaged the end of boot. Bent and unbent cylinder. Distorted hair spring. Help. Please, Botlared.
  11. Botlared

    Samuel Marti clock circa 1900

    I am disappointed that no one has answered. This second attempt. I donated money to your fund as well
  12. Botlared

    Samuel Marti clock circa 1900

    On reassembly of strike, the stop wheel stops before strike completed. The last missing part of strike happens about 15 minutes later. Any body able to help me please?
  13. Botlared

    Warning wheel set up on french clocks circa1900

    Hello again fellow members. I always seem to get tangled up with the purpose of this wheel, and where it should be positioned during reassembly. On the outside of the plate is a piece that is lifted both on the half hour and the hour. Part of this piece fits into a slot. This piece seems to stop...
  14. Botlared

    Green onyx case damage.

    Hello to any clever case restorers out there. I have attached photo of the clock. Bottom left shows a long white scar. This is what now lays beneath where green onyx once sat. Sadly that was missing when I got it. The case is unstable here and I thought plaster of paris could secure. How to fix...
  15. Botlared

    Marti French Clock

    Hello Jonathan, Thanks for your help here. I will certainly try and get a copy of this book. Once again, thanks from John Baker.

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