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    Looking for a special book

    i appreciate the information, i am however looking for a copy to buy. thank you anyways!
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    Watch Help Looking for part or movement for JLC 463

    Hello, i am looking for either a complete movement or a train bridge for a jaeger lecoultre 463. any kind of help would be appreciated
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    Need help finding a jewel JLC 463

    I have a jaeger lecoultre 463 movement that had been heavily worn and rusted, and have been able to locate and replace all of the parts needed with the exception of the 4th wheel train bridge jewel. there was no jewel in the movement for me to measure for a replacement either. if anyone could...
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    Looking for a special book

    I am having difficulty finding this book: At the Heart of an Industrial Vocation: Longines Watch Movements (1832-2009) by Patrick Linder. Any help locating a copy of this book would be very appreciated
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    Looking For: From Springfield to Moscow: The Complete Dueber-Hampden Story

    I am looking for a copy of this book that was made for the NAWCC. Any kind of help locating it would be appreciated! From Springfield to Moscow: The Complete Dueber-Hampden Story This was issued as a supplement for the NAWCC, and I would love even a copy or pdf that i could read and print for...
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    W.W. Wattles & Sons Pocket Watch Identification

    I have this pocket watch and am unable to identify the movement, I believe its Longines/Wittnauer. Serial number is 1413996. 17 Jewels, 17 lignes is what i measured. The watch is 38 mm. Any help identifying this watch would be appreciated, as we are trying to locate a new balance for it.
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    Tezuka Cuckoo Clock Help

    am having difficulty getting a good quality video of how its catching. the movement runs when on a clock stand, but as soon as its in the case it no longer runs past 10 seconds or so, seems to be losing power. will try to get pictures and a video of the movement when i get home from work
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    Tezuka Cuckoo Clock Help

    Working on a Tezuka Cuckoo, works properly outside of the case however the escapement seems to catch and wont run run more than 5-6 seconds once in the case. any help would be greatly appreciated
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    J. Hicks London Aneroid Barometer Help

    I have an old barometer in need of repair and am having difficulty finding anything, any help on this would be appreciated. It runs on a fusee like chain, which appears to be broken.
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    Need Help Identifying a Clock Movement

    Hopefully these are better, the lighting in here is awful. Thank you for the information!
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    Need Help Identifying a Clock Movement

    I have a wall clock with no markings besides a 5 digit serial number on the movement, any help identifying it would be appreciated.
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    Laco Watch Movement Identification help

    I have a laco watch from germany, is anyone familiar with these movements? supposedly they are the same or similar to ETA 2824-2, however i keep coming up empty handed looking for parts. any help would be appreciated.
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    Illinois Balance Staff Bottle Set Help

    Thank you all for the help!
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    Illinois Balance Staff Bottle Set Help

    I have these small bottles of Illinois balance staffs, numbered 1-43. Am missing a few of them. Is there a chart or something available to help identify which movements theyre for? thank you in advance!

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