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    Omega pocket watch-Jananese Soldier-Guadacanal

    A dear friend of mine had a husband who dduring the WW2 Battle of Guadacanal(1943) was part f a burial squad. He removed a 1923 Omega pocket watch from a Jananese soldier. It is her desire to get it to an apporpiate museum. We have been unable to reach such a place. Any suggestions are...
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    West Coast Clock & Watch Museum Relocates to Vista California

    NAWCC members are indebted to the long association and stewardship of the collection by Ernie. We here in the PacNW have long recognized the need for a place for the collection that attracted the public more convientlly. Our dreams look like they have been solved. Many, many thanks to Ernie...
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    How to remove rust from arbors??

    My dear friend, Gerhard Huttler gave me a Vienna Reg movement that was a chunck of rust and corrosion. I said, thanks, but how do I derust it. He said three days in Pepsi Cola. I did and the rust fjust fell away leaving nice clean arbors, etc. Gerhard was a seventh generation clockmaker and...
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    Cast iron backplate identity

    Thank you for the info. I will follow up as suggested.
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    Cast iron backplate identity

    This movement is not marked. Can anyone tell me who made it? It was in a "OG" case, but the case in not fitted for weights-no pulleys or cutouts in the vertical boards for the cords. The dial is silk-screened floral reverse glass. So, the unmarked case was a left-over Ogee, and fitted with a...
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    Clock parts wanted Obsolete older posts II

    Re: Clock Parts Wanted I'm in contact with Phil Johansen-Crafts winner several times for unusual hand made clocks. Anyway, he has agreed to make me a new sleeve and install it. I was already in contact with David and he did now offer a salvage part.
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    Clock parts wanted Obsolete older posts II

    Re: Resch Bro. "Remember" , Movement part-"Bridge cock" There is no borrowing.. You see(in the picture) the minute hand arbor coming up out of the bridge cock. The guide tube is fixed over that arbor and is part of the bridge cock. "The hour cannon fits over that tube. The tube wore away at...
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    Clock parts wanted Obsolete older posts II

    Resch Bro. "Remember" , Movement part-"Bridge cock" Part needed. Have a 4" x 4" Resch Bro. "Remember" movement with a broken tube (worn away) on the bridge cock. That's the part that the minute arbor goes thru and supports the hour h and cannon. In the photo the separated part is up in the...
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    Sessions / Waterbury

    The extra holes on the strike side are for the alarm lever (when installed). I don't see the solder you mentioned.
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    Clock parts wanted Obsolete older posts II

    Jura pendulum needed The Jura clock on my bench is missing the full pendulum. My customer wants it authentic. So, I'm looking for a bob. It appears from searches to be an chrome octagonal shape, maybe near 4 x 5 inches. Look in your spare parts bin and let me know if you have one...
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    Jura movement

    I'm about to overhaul a Jura movement. The rear plate is split in three parts and I'm wondering if there is any special handling required. Do I keep the plate fully assembled or separated in three pieces. What about re-assembly? Does it require special handling>
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    Newbie with questions...

    One of the hazards in moving clocks like this is that laying clocks cown and shaking in travel dislocates some levers. get the dial off and examine the levers. The minute hand bushing is also a good fix to orient th ehand to the chime drops
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    Trademark identiy

    Thanks, the clock, with a Delf style blue scenery plate was purchased in Vienna. Its been in my collection for about 25 years.
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    Trademark identiy

    Can anyone identify this mark. In the places I searched I could not find it.
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    Schonbergeer, William

    Thanks for that info. In my case, the movement is a well made "Vienna" style, 2 wt, half-hour strike. The mvt is unmarked except for a number. I got it from Larry Zeller, Rouge River, OR a number of years ago. Its the dial that came with it that was marked with the William S. Thus prompting...

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