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    Pocket watch key sizes

    I attach my watch keys to watch chains, gold filled, silver and nickel. When I want to carry a keywind I pick an appropriate color chain to match watch with a key to fit.
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    Charles Alvah Smith wall timepiece needs help...

    Funny you would say that, called the clock shop today. He is having problems with family. So he wouldn't get to clock for another 2 months. I went and picked up the clock and I will fix it myself.
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    Charles Alvah Smith wall timepiece needs help...

    Update. I took my clock in to be repaired should be done first week in October. I can't wait to get it back.
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    Charles Alvah Smith wall timepiece needs help...

    Re: Help Iding Wooden Movement You talk about lucky, in 1989 mom passed and we had an estate sale. My sister wanted to sell this clock, being broken, for $20. I liked the case and took it myself. It has been sitting in an old captain's chest since then. Recently I took it out to look at it and...
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    Charles Alvah Smith wall timepiece needs help...

    This is one of my family clocks, dad got in the late 60s. It stopped running in the middle of the 80s and has been in storage for the last 25 years. I would like to know who made it. There is a name C A Smith Brattlebrora? Vt on the mounting board in pencil and a stamped into the wood number...
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    Carrying A Rare Or Valuable Watch For A Timekeeper

    I carry a pocket watch every day. I carry several private label watches, while not rare they are certainly uncommon. Two of my watches have my family name on them, how many people can say that. I have several pristine cased watches that I carry on rare occasions. I feel that watches where made...
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    Sometimes You Just Have to Wonder About Bidders

    Here is another one, 261490724045, that makes the others seem almost reasonable and it is broken to boot. I was interested because it holds a 77 model most likely.
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    Sometimes You Just Have to Wonder About Bidders

    I was looking for a watch case, to case a movement I have waiting, on the bay. I saw this item 390851346352 and watched it to the end. Am I missing something, you can't scrap them and brake even.
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    Find Parts

    If you look under parts sources at top of the watch repair page you will find a list of sellers, Hope this helps.
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    Waltham this a Riverside ?

    Pier, Just so that your 1888 model Waltham takes a special case and stem. Hope this helps.
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    1908 Waltham - questions

    Kent, The reference was a 1904 jewelers circular. If you click on my name and private message me with your email address I will send you a copy, the file is just over 4mb. Hope this helps.
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    1908 Waltham - questions

    The Bell Watch Case Co in Cincinnati Ohio, made a case called "The Comet" a 10 year gold filled case but were out of business by 1908. The case could have been sitting around for many years waiting to be sold. Hope this helps.
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    Waltham 845 Display Case

    This is my latest runner. I bought the movement and had the case. I serviced it and it keeps excellent time. A shame about the dial at 7 but not too noticeable. I will be replacing the crystals soon. Enjoy Bill B
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    help needed

    Could you post more pictures with different views, also what is the name printed on it. Thanks
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    Early American Watch Factory Map: Locations & Addresses

    The Smithsonian web site has good pictures of watch co here

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