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    Should have asked this sooner

    You will not have to find another hub if that one is serviceable Paul, these can be re-attached (so re-use you existing hub) to the balance arm if you are carefully and know the correct procedure you will not damage the balance arm:)
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    Alpina pocket watch, date or movement details etc anyone?

    The winding bridge set-up reminds me of the Alpina Calibre 161, the train wheels were in a bridge set-up from memory but not the same shape as yours, some of these Swiss Company's did some weird & wonderful things. Such as the same Calibre with slightly different bridge designs or a combination...
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    E. Howard & Co. ca. 1880:

    A Fantastic looking Watch and that is a nice piece of info. Also a debatable piece though regarding the Louisville & Nashville R.R Inspectors interpretation, considering what other info is about for other lines and what was actually used on some of them. Once again it just shows how wide of a...
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    Elgin GU ? (great grandad's watch)

    If you have already looked up the details via the serial Jeff,what other info are you chasing besides the "GU" interest?
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    Elgin GU ? (great grandad's watch)

    I think Jeff is referring to the "GU" (if that's what he is talking about, scratched near/above the regulator scale, directly opposite the case screw Rick & Steven (done by hand, so maybe someone doing a repair:???:), definitely not anything to do with the Factory Jeff.
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    Elgin GU ? (great grandad's watch)

    Always good to have clear (in focus) pictures for ID:)
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    Request for Rockford Serial Numbers from 1-255,000

    A nice early piece Jim:)
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    Request for Rockford Serial Numbers from 1-255,000

    Very Nice:), thank you.
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    Charles Stark - Private Label - Who made this mvmt?

    Aurora Watch Company, 15 jewel pendant wind & set 5th pinion model, probably a *Grade 68, case marks are correct for coin silver, just be aware that some of these internal threaded dust-proof cases were two layers of coin silver over a substrate. * this grade info complments of "Aurora Watch...
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    Request for Rockford Serial Numbers from 1-255,000

    With regard to you Mike M., there is a possibility that both these are 13 Jewel watches, with out lifting the dials you will never be a 100% sure as Rockford did some strange things in comparison to other Manufacturer's. Rockford 11 Jewel Gilt plate early Stem-Winder & Key-Winder model watches...
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    Elgin 301 Model 2

    It is Solid, marked also with .585 Fine:)
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    Request for Rockford Serial Numbers from 1-255,000

    There are a couple of different versions in jeweling of the lower grade early (model 1 & 2's) 9 & 11 Jeweled Rockford watches James; 9 Jewel watches are normally either jeweled on the Pallet fork & Escape wheel or on the 3rd & 4th wheels back plate side only (Plain Jeweling/Bezel Set, both are...
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    Request for Rockford Serial Numbers from 1-255,000

    Thanks James, I have seen this reported originally as 15 Jewel & 7 jewel on a another site James, it is clearly at least 9 jewels (and should be only 9 going by other observations, but with these you never know most times until you look:)), have you had the dial off this one to check for any...
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    Pvt Label Rockford

    Keep your eyes peeled in time to come Mike, hopefully we will be presenting some new info on the Company (it is along term project), this will also have the possible effect of debunking some of the mis-information that is already out there about this Company and its products. The project will...
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    Pvt Label Rockford

    Just another tidbit on the watch of yours Mike with reference to the Jeweler's name, they seem to have cropped up on various towns, maybe they had a small chain of stores, I am unsure. I have seen 3 different addresses for them during my research into the Rockford Watch Company as they were...

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