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    Moorhouse (?) Webb C. Ball Dial

    Thanks all for trying to answer my questions. I find the discussions very interesting. If you compare my dial with that of the Elgin at Bonham's, I'm in fact not at all convinced that they were made by the same artist. There are significant differencies in the stroke of lines and the writing...
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    Moorhouse (?) Webb C. Ball Dial

    Very interesting. I wonder however, shouldn't te movement have been marked with Ball's signature? Are the other Ball/Moorhouse/Hampdens alike, i.e having a "Railway" signed mvt, but no "Ball" sign?
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    Moorhouse (?) Webb C. Ball Dial

    This dial is on a Hampden Railway htg mvt without any Ball markings, just "Railway, Adjusted, Canton Ohio" SN 654373 (~1889). The dial has two longer pinned feet and one shorter for screw, exactly what this movement needs. Thus I'm not ruling out the possibility that the dial and mvt belong...
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    Rockford Private Label Watches

    18 s 6th model 15J gilt. F.J.KEMPEL. CAWKER CITY, KAN on the dial only; SN 142 197
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    Earliest 18s mod 6 Rockford?

    Thanks all for interesting comments! It seems then, that the 6th model came way before the 4th and 5th? I know these model designations came later and thus this appearantly strange phenomenon would not be strange at all.
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    Earliest 18s mod 6 Rockford?

    I have just gotten this early 18s mod 6 Rockford in very poor condition. However, I find it quite interesting, since I have not encountered a model 6 with such a low serial number ( 142 197) before. It's a PL marked: F.J.KEMPEL. CAWKER CITY, KAN on the dial only. When I look at it, it seems as...
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    New to pocket watches. Just picked up this Waltham 1899 Movement

    John, by looking at the visible part of the shipper spring, you can tell for sure, that this mvt is pendant set. It has a pointed bend, as opposed to a rounded one on the lever set mvt's.
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    Waltham Mod. 57 Private Labels

    John O. Holden, Quincy, Mass SN 525121 A.T&Co Grade
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    Early American case maker "E.L & Co"

    Does anyone recognize this stamping in an golden American PW-case from about the late 1850's? Who was the case maker? It houses an early German Lange movement.
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    Info about a Swedish Halda Pocket Watch

    Hakon, At the early time this watch was produced, it indeed was the most "affordable" :bigsmile: golden Halda. In 1891 probably all golden Haldas was 19J, later on "cheaper" models were produced (P and A). This fact detracts nothing from the attraction of this watch, which seem to be in very...
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    Mechanical WW Friction rust on pivots

    Da solution was (probably) Rubisol and I usually rinse in destilled water followed by Isopropanol. I usually change the cleaning soup every month only, since I don't do much cleaning, a couple of watches every week.
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    Mechanical WW Friction rust on pivots

    Thanks for the inputs. As I understand it, friction rust is the kind of rust that occurs on friction spots, unsufficiently lubricated. In watches typically seen between the cannon pinion and the centre arbor, when not oiled. The cause is not environmental (moist or acids),but it starts in small...
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    Mechanical WW Friction rust on pivots

    Hi Not even two years ago I serviced a Rolex (cal 3135) using Moebius 9010 and 9020 on the pivots of the train and autowinding parts. It has been running every day since then, but now I noticed erratic running and short power reserve. I took it apart and noticed friction rust on a couple of...
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    Why so much? turned into (Waltham Dial Discussion)

    Re: Why so much? The reason for the differencies and low SN is simply that it isn't an Elgin. It's a Lancaschire W.Co mvt. How much of it that were made in he factory nobody knows. The setting parts are a bit different from Elgins, too. The serial numbers of these are typically in the 6-700,000's
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    Adams & Perry serial numbers

    George, there is an older picture of this watch in the NAWCC Bulletin issue of Dec 1979 p. 666. This picture is clearly a different one from the one used as a template for Dan's drawing. The watch seems to have been taken apart between the pic's, since the screw slots are all in a different...