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    REVIEW: Sauer - Time at Sea - Chronometers and their Creators is not the actual seller; it appears that the publisher is selling as an Amazon affiliate (whatever you call it) and performing the shipping themselves. However, they ship only within Germany; going to the publishers website and running through the check-out process ends in the same...
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    New Book Notice: The Mechanics of Watches and Clocks, by Du & Xie (2013)

    I had high hopes for this book when I first noticed it. I am unfortunately in no position to provide a completely informed review. However, I have browsed the sample text available on Amazon (via the "Look Inside" functionality). While this book is very nicely illustrated, I found myself...
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    updated Gould book

    The product page on now has an extensive preview (the "LookInside" feature) available; see: (the Amazon preview provides significantly more preview pages than what is available on the Antique Collectors' Club site). I have...
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    updated Gould book

    Although many have been disappointed by the repeated delays to the point of disbelieving it will ever be republished, there are some interesting recent signs. On the ACC site, there is now a new cover image; the description starts off: "First published in 1923, this long-awaited edition of...
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    updated Gould book

    At some point, the Antique Collector's Club de-listed "The Marine Chronometer", but now it is back, this time the listed publication/due date is 01/12 and priced at $79.50. For whatever reason, I cannot view the details for any books on their website (maybe Silverlight?). Any rumors to...
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    New Edition of Daniels Watchmaking

    When I first saw this thread I took a look at what I could find online (which isn't much; I didn't post my findings then). My conclusion is that this new edition is simply a reprinting with minor corrections. The page count for "Watchmaking" is increasing from 460 to 462 (see below; I think...
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    What should a translator do?

    I think this depends on your motivation for producing the translation. If you wish to preserve an accurate reproduction purely for the history of it (and for an academic audience), then leaving the original order may well be appropriate. But if that were the motivation I think you wouldn't be...
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    BOOKREVIEW: Heskin: Sleeping in Oblivion [Harrison's RAS Precision Clock]

    Re: REVIEW: Heskin: Sleeping in Oblivion [Harrison's RAS Precision Clock] _Another_ spendy technical horology book! Just a few notes I gathered while looking further: You can get more info on ordering from: In case you are looking at other internet listing...
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    The Pendulum - a case study in physics

    This book is currently in my "to read" pile. The followup by Mr. Ward, however, doesn't seem to fit my understanding of this book -- and a quick skim through reinforces that impression. Could it be that Mr. Ward is referring to the similarly named (and even more expensive) "The Pendulum...

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