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    Schatz W3 Chime Alignment

    OK. I admit I'd never seen an adjustable chime drum before. Now that I have been able to get all three tunes to work, I still can't get the silencer lever to do anything. I still get the St. Michael tune. What am I missing? I looked at the earlier thread and don't quite understand what Mr...
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    Schatz W3 Chime Alignment

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    Schatz W3 Chime Alignment

    After cleaning Schatz W3 movement, I tried to set up chime alignment. Can align to St. Michael's but then all other settings (silent, Whittington and Westminster) won't line up. Can't find any parts missing. Anyone have a parts diagram for this clock or an idea why I can't get the drum to line...
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    Help Schatz Model W3 Chime Corrector

    Anyone have a drawing of the Schatz Model W3? I'm having trouble getting the chime corrector mechanism to work. The chime corrector lever will ride on the cam thru the quarter hour, half hour and 3/4 hour. Drop lever falls into the cam slot. It won't raise up enough to go thru the hour cycle.I...
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    American Need Strike 2nd Wheel for Waterbury Mantle Clock Patented 1891

    Thanks, LPBP. I may need it. I'm trying to cap it right now. Let me know about the movmt. Barry
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    American Need Strike 2nd Wheel for Waterbury Mantle Clock Patented 1891

    Thanks guys. I'll try it. What have I got to lose?
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    American Need Strike 2nd Wheel for Waterbury Mantle Clock Patented 1891

    My lathe didn't line up well and I ended up drilling a new pivot hole for strike second wheel off center. Looking for a movement ( or the appropriate wheel). Anyone able to help? Trying to keep costs down so don't want to replace arbor. The movement is 65 mm wide and 106 mm high. The wheel is...
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    Watchmaster WT Ultrasonic Cleaner Manual Wanted

    Looks like my cleaner is on the fritz. No ultra action. If you still have a schematic, please email me at Thanks, BarryB
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    C. Sellick/Wells Tall Case

    I just bought this English tallcase clock at an estate sale. The only info is a handwritten bill. The name on the dial is C. Sellick/Wells. I checked Britten's, Baillie and Loomes, with no luck. Anyone recognize this maker? BarryB
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    Pocket Watch Bezel Needed

    I have a 0s Elgin 14K hunting case (K&U Mfg Co) which needs a bezel. Will someone please let me know the name of the bezel guy from Ohio (or Indiana). I haven't seen him at a mart lately and have forgotten his name and email. BTW, does anyone know what K&U stands for? Thanks, BarryB
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    Chelsea Banjo Reverse Painting

    In Beat - The earlier attachment was not of my clock but of one of the clocks listed in the Antique Clocks Price Guide. Mine looks like the attached and is 3" long. Barry -> posts merged by system <- And now the attachments (I hope) BB
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    Switching from footpedal to rheostat for speed control

    Cazboy - Check out a router speed controller at Harbor Freight or possibly even Sears. It's the same as the one pictured. I use one on my Taig lathe. It works fairly well, but the motor can stall at low speeds. BarryB
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    Chelsea Banjo Reverse Painting

    This is for Lee Davis (don't know your email address). I purchased a Chelsea banjo clock like the attached file which needs the upper tablet painted. It is currently clear glass. The lower tablet is mostly intact, except that the white border is missing. The "Constitution and Guerriere" are...
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    214, 218 Accutron Circuit Schematic

    Thanks Charles and Samantha. We'll see if this helps. Coils seem to be a big problem. BarryB
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    218 Accutron Coil

    Mr Bill - How do I know its not the transistor circuit instead of the coil? BarryB

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