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    Clock novice - first post (Regula-34)

    I would replace that time chain completely. If you don't you're looking for grief down the roads.
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    Finding original centre using cutting broach only??

    What Shutterbug said. :thumb:
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    Gramophone repair.

    Not right on the ones that I've seen (Edison and Victor): Winding tightens the spring. For what it's worth, Victor's recommended spring lube was a mixture of Vaseline and graphite. Or maybe that was Edison.
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    Pivot polishing with a Dremel?

    Sometimes it sounds like you want to use the Dremel to spin the polishing wheel against the pivot. Sometimes it sounds like you want to use the Dremel to spin the arbor/pivot against the polishing wheel.. I do not think the latter is advisable.
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    New Movement out of beat ?

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    Recommended Clock Movement To Practice On (Rack & Snail Strike)

    You might want to have a look at this article. Rack Strike Elements
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    Why has this flywheel got paper glued on it?

    How did you correct the fly loose on the arbor?
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    What exactly are these for?

    Primitive substitute for a Rathbun.
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    Blackening Brass

    Liver of Sulphur ( sulphurated potash) solution.
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    Weight driven v spring driven?

    Weight driven more accurate. No isochronal error.
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    Standing or seated?

    Me always sit. That's the height of my brench.
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    Learning path questions

    A bunch of hard-to-answer questions there, Cousin. If you're working Ebay, look for kitchen clocks, mantel, clocks, etc. If the description says "works", that's a good sign it can need some work. If it says "doesn't work", go for it. Don't get too wrapped up is specific brands. All simple...
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    the two kinds of clock repair dumb....

    I like that. :thumb:
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    Pendulum Attachment Broken?

    THIS may help you learn the names of clock parts.
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    Ansonia Mantel? Clock 30 hr?

    See THIS ARTICLE for info and advice on the Kitchen Clock Alarm.

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