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    Elgin Desk Clock Crystal

    Take a look at whitescrystals.com. He is in California and should be able to help you.
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    Vintage Urgos movement identification

    13 is probably referring to 13cm pendulum length.
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    Mainspring for a Ball grade 999P

    I clicked on the link just now 6/29/2021 and it worked fine.
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    Spring contacts gears... is this correct?

    The end of the spring should be attached to the other pillar post. The one near you thumb in the pictures. That allows the coils to expand out/ away from the other gears in the movement.
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    Swiss PW Hebdomas Main Spring Creation

    Larry Wise at Time Wise in Atwater, Ohio makes clock mainsprings but I think he could do this one. H should have an add in the Mart or Google him.
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    Ingraham Biltmore crystal size

    These take a plastic crystal that is inserted from the inside of the case with a crystal press. You can find the GS crystal catalog on line. Google "GS crystal catalog" and it should come up. It is a PA type crystal. It should be a number like PA 500, PA 503, PA 505 or close to one of these...
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    Need a 12 size Gruen hour hand Does anyone have this style?

    If the hand is gold why not have it laser welded?
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    L&R Tempo 400 jars; what are they, where can I get some screw lids?

    I seem to remember using wide mouth canning jar lids on some L & R jars once. Available in most grocery stores.
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    LeCoultre 493 Rotor Ball Diameter

    Hi Bryan; Don't think it will be much help but the ball is part #1505.
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    Please Help Me Find A Machine or Equipment

    Could the old motor be rebuilt or a new motor to replace it?
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    hour hand on lux keebler

    The hour hand is staked (riveted) to the hour wheel. When you remove the movement from the front the hour wheel with the hand will remain in the dial. once the movement is out of the way you can easily slip the hand through the hole.
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    Modern GF dial screws.

    I think you are right. I wasn't thinking when I wrote that. Thanks
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    Modern GF dial screws.

    Jeff; The dial screws are 1.7/ 35 metric thread. That means the threads are 1.7mm in diameter, 35 threads per cm. The length of the threads is 2.55mm. The head is 2.5mm dia. and .5mm thick. Hope this helps, Mark
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    How it's Made Street Clocks

    Thanks for posting that. I didn't remember seeing that one. Mark
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    Modern GF dial screws.

    Jeff; I have never found a reliable source for this size screw. One time I did get a few from Howard Miller but they did not have many. I think they robbed them from an old dial. I finally just identified the thread size and make them when needed. I don't remember off the top of my head what...

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