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    Colonial Mfg Co Model 1734

    The "late" Terry Casey provided catalog image and price list information. Model 1734 and 1735 were both "Tigue finish" in price sheet, but it did not distinguish between them so 1735 was a different color but same finish style.. Both had "crackled" painted dials. They both used the same...
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    Help Colonial Manufacturing Model 1688 Movement 132 Dial DC

    Your clock (Model 1688) was listed in 1965 Colonial Mfg. Co. price sheet, but was not listed in 1967, so it was probably in production 1984-1966. 132 model movement is listed as 8 day weight driven imported Westminster movement striking and chiming on rods and had wooden pendulum rod. Colonial...
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    Trend Clock Co.

    Hi, Unfortunately, I don't know how to interpret the packing numbers. I had talked with a former Trend/Sligh employee and he was supposed to get back to me about them, but he never did. Model 870 is called Bordeaux and was listed in Trend/Sligh 1976/1977 catalog. Andy Dervan
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    Watch Finisher

    Thanks Pat. I don't have a copy of that Hamilton book. Andy
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    Manistee Watch Company movement serial numbers

    Thank you for confirming. Andy
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    Manistee Watch Company movement serial numbers

    Hello everyone, I have uncovered a number of Manistee watch serial numbers from various sources; I am surprised how many are out there in pieces. If you dig around your junk boxes and find any Manistee movements - I would appreciate serial numbers. George Townsend's 1976 Bulletin article...
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    Hamilton Chronograph

    Rhett, Correct.... How long were they produced? Andy
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    Hamilton Chronograph

    I am trying get estimate when Hamilton produced its 16 size chronograph watch. Is there a model number for it? Were they made in quantities. I have 3 jigs for producing parts for them and want some idea about them. Andy Dervan
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    Hamilton Watch Company part numbers

    Thank you for the replies. I am writing an article to discussing some jigs used a Hamilton Watch Co. and they are identified many different ways: some have part numbers names and serial number probably for plant record others no identifying information I am trying to figure out based on part...
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    Hamilton Watch Company part numbers

    Hello, Did Hamilton Watch Co. offer catalogs identifying replacement parts for its watches so watchmakers could order them? If so, are they still around? Andy Dervan
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    How to stabilize old labels

    Paper after 1840s was made from pulp rather than rags so they are acidic. Plastic should be archival grade not just simple plastic sheet. It was would better to tack the plastic in place rather than painter's tape. Andy Dervan
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    How to stabilize old labels

    What year was the clock made? It is very important as labels were made with different paper and have to be treated differently Andy Dervan
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    Unusual Pocket Watch - Can Anyone Please Advise Of The Make?

    Could you post a better quality movement photograph? it is difficult to see all the details for identification. The movement will probably required disassembly sometimes maker's information is stamped on movement plates on in the mainspring barrel. Hopefully a moderator will move this post to...
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    grandfather clock information please

    By 1907 Herschede was manufacturing their own movements. If Herschede was retailing the clock the the company could insure the dial was signed Herschede as it wanted to distinguish itself from all the other makers. The case appears in good condition; the case is a very basic style with little...
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