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    J W Benson

    Hi Andra, Dr Jon is right, is not hugely collectable, but I strongly believe you'd get more than the silver scrap value for it on, for example eBay. I think he may have misread the hallmark - I'm certain it's 1933. Cheers ... Andy
  2. Andrew Wilde

    Need help with identification and history of 18th century Repeater

    Here's another Devereux Boly that arrived today. I'm guessing 1750'ish judging by the cock foot. Nothing as nice as Joel's repeater, but he's obviously a good maker so thought it worth recording with an image or two before I move it on (It was purchased by mistake - I was intending to bid on a...
  3. Andrew Wilde

    A pocket watch for a sailor................

    Hi Peter, That is indeed a lovely movement.. I have a small side collection of watches with animals engraved on the balance cock. I suspect a collection with boats on the balance cock would be very small !
  4. Andrew Wilde

    Un-named rack lever watch

    Took delivery of this rack lever pocket watch a few days ago. It bears no engraving other than the balance cock - no name, place, serial number - nothing. There's nothing under the dial nor the balance cock - completely anonymous. I was wondering if any of its characteristics looked familiar to...
  5. Andrew Wilde

    Prescot Lancashire.

    Go on then, I'll bite ;-) If you put "then Jane Jump" in brackets, correct Schlement to settlement, it all makes sense as describing a settlement between four parties, two of whom, Jane and Robert, later married.
  6. Andrew Wilde

    John Cross pocket watch

    I think the swallowtail balance cock, engraved Patent and the counterpoised lever he used in his earlier movements are more likely "borrowed" from the typical rack lever characteristics. Quite why he'd chose to do that, at those dates, who knows, but I think he's an interesting maker who seemed...
  7. Andrew Wilde

    Lewis Samuel

    Hi John - thanks for the date approximation - I had it down as likely circa 1850 in my notes, so I was in the right ball park. I'm comfortable with the re-case, less so with the dial probably not being original. Cheers ... Andy
  8. Andrew Wilde

    Lewis Samuel

    Just adding another example marked Lewis Samuel. It's hallmarked Chester "I" which I'm reading as 1892, so most probably a re-case. Dial looks later than the movement also. Case bears same serial number 19557 as the movement, so professionally done. Sponsor mark W.B for William Thomas Bullock of...
  9. Andrew Wilde

    The best German double sided calendar watch I have seen

    Hi qasimeisa83, Welcome to the forums. You have been posting on threads that were last posted to 2-3 years ago, so although this is a friendly and helpful place to get questions answered and find useful information, you shoudn't be surprised if posts on these old threads don't get a fast...
  10. Andrew Wilde

    Richard Hornby Pocket watch information

    I think John's jewel count -may- be a little optimistic; it doesn't look to me as though the lever or escape wheel are capped, I'm pretty sure I can see bare pivot ends in them. The other two are obscured by the balance wheel, but unlikely to be capped if the lever and escape aren't. A nice...
  11. Andrew Wilde

    Swiss (?) Goliath

    Hi Burkhard, I asked a similar question about an 8 day Goliath minute repeater recently. The mark and number you refer to are the same as on mine, and are a Swiss patent mark. Patent 7032 was granted to Amedee Douard, for "a new watch calibre for 8 days of operation" in 1893. See here Cheers...
  12. Andrew Wilde

    Swiss movement, help with manufacturer?

    captainscarlet - thank you. I've looked up Electa movements and agree the bridge and plate work looks spot on, but I've yet to find the same regulator layout. It seems a nice quality movement and would have been a pity not to be able to put a name to it....Andy
  13. Andrew Wilde

    Swiss movement, help with manufacturer?

    Hi - I was wondering if it's possible to identify the manufacturer of this movement. Made for the British market, housed in a Dennison Moon case, with a British retailers dial. I was hoping the regulator might give a clue as to the manufacturer. And I know it needs cleaning ! Thanks ... Andy
  14. Andrew Wilde

    Help Identifying an old pocket watch

    I believe the hallmark is suspect. The crispness of the outer edges and the complete lack of detail within the lion and the leopard head suggests these were only ever blocked-in outlines.
  15. Andrew Wilde

    Genuine Roskell (sold by, not made by) ?

    Thanks Graham, the movement hinge is perfectly tight. It operates smoothly and there is no hint of a wobble. It's as perfect a fit at the hinge as any watch I've had. I'll PM you about the wheel, if that's OK ... Andy
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