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    Looking for info on vintage ladies Normandie mini pendant watch

    Thank you for your help and the info you gave. As importers, they branded the movement and face as their own, rather than than actually manufacturing them, correct? And when you refer to the mark, you’re referencing the name “Normandie” and the anchor emblem? Thank you again for your help! Sue
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    Looking for info on vintage ladies Normandie mini pendant watch

    I recently inherited this watch, among many others, but know nothing about it, nor can I seem to find anything on it. I can’t find any serial number on the movement and since the case is glass on both sides, there doesn’t appear to be any case info, either. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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    Dating an early A. LeCoultre ladies watch

    Thank you for that information. I have a few other watches that I need to take in for various reasons, so I’ll add this one to the bag. I appreciate your help!
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    Dating an early A. LeCoultre ladies watch

    I inherited this watch recently and have been trying to find information about it. Unfortunately, the majority of info that I get has to do with watches made after the merger of Jaeger-LeCoultre. I hope someone can help me here in learning more about it since I can’t seem to find any serial...
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    Hamilton wrist watch

    I’ve learned quite a bit about watches while trying to find a model name for mine, and I appreciate all of the time and effort that everyone has put into making that information available. However, I’m still at square one in not knowing what retail name my watch would have been sold under. Is...
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    Service announcement Hamilton ledgers and serial numbers

    Hi Rob, I followed your instructions above to get to the Hamilton ledgers. The first problem I encountered was when I clicked on Hamilton serial number search, it only brought up the search box, not the ledger list. After entering the serial number and hitting the Search button, the ledger did...

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