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    Help! I've been abandoned!

    Uh, Your brass mounting plate is still attached behind the face. There are four screws turned in from the side that releases it from the face.
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    Help! I've been abandoned!

    Ahh, my favorite New Haven Triple Plate! Just returned one completed today.
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    Clock Help Ingraham 3 23 minute arbor

    In search of a minute arbor for E Ingraham 3 23 time only movement. The cannon gear is cracked on this one. I've been unable to view another to see if there are any pieces missing from this shaft ie clutch or spring. Any help/direction appreciated.
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    Help identifying a Wehrle Westminster wall clock

    Mike, Yes it's not shown but the snail and hour wheel is there, behind the face still attached to the hour hand. Thanks for the observation. I sure wish I could find a picture or info on this Jauch PL49 movement as Willie X identified. The chime and strike mechanisms run until dead so I'm...
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    Help identifying a Wehrle Westminster wall clock

    Looking for some direction regarding a new arrival. It's a 3 barrel Wehrle silver dial wall clock. The only markings on the movement are PL 42 CM, West Germany 3 70. It chimes and strikes but I feel there could be some pieces missing to the movement. Thanks.

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