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    Fusee spring questions

    Simon, Probably mainspring barrel was replaced from the chain driven clock. But arbor left original, and to fit new barrel they made bushings on sides. So your mainspring was not original in that way. This also explains why barrel has one hole. And actually I am not sure if steel or bronze...
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    Fusee spring questions

    I would leave original spring. What is 8%? Not much. I see many repairs of mainspring, shortages, wrong replacements (too weak or too strong) and every time mainsprings were working well, since it is very simple object )) especially fusee movement can comprnsate non ideal mainsprings parameters...
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    Could this be a Lenzkirch?

    My feeling it is not lenzkirch. Something austrian in the movement... At that times lenzkirch was one of many, similar design, similar quality, copying each other... I have lenzkirch clock, with serial no 29k, and it is definitely German guy, this is too obvious, in your case - not as clear))
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    Old Japy Freres clock

    I don't think it is a 30hr clock, too many pinions for 30hr. Very intersting movement actually, winding hole not aligned to the center - that is nice. Pendulum looks perfect. What kind of ecapement used?
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    Help identify and date the clock.

    Dear forum, Let me share some experience in this thread, it is about door latches. I think all knows how it is sad when door lock is lost (removed), and double sad when both locks absent - my case. Actually buying proper replacement almost impossible. In my case lock mounted in a very thin...
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    Tall Case Clock sold by Geo Wills, restoration information

    I think that engraving style can be sign of location, time of manufacturing, or maybe personally engraver. Normally clockmakers did not do all the works by themselves.
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    Info on Berguer, London bracket clock?

    Very cool movement! I can imagine how heavy it is. I have seen the fusee cone with flat tracks but for gut lines. If there hole in fusee for gut line fix that means that chain is not original. Please share music record when ready.
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    Thwaites movement age

    Movement was very rusty and dirty. I used sympathetic restoration as much as can. Finally I assembled and run it. And actually it runs fine even with very sensitive wear.. A lot of small repairs was made. Also some cosmetic things to be done like minute hand correction and re-solder pendulum...
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    Just acquired my first W & H clock, and only my second ever, the first was a Sessions Mantel, that was a gift to my son. 2 pictures.

    Nuts was used on later clocks. And movements of w&h are of the highest quality compare to other Germany manufacturers of that time.
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    Italian Bracket Clock - Pompeo Corsi in Rome

    Great work! Minute hand generally is ok, however my feeling that it a bit heavy compere to hour hand. I think it must be more sword-like as it was more in 17th century. Also IMO pendulum bob in wrong orientation. Heavier part must be it the bottom.
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    Thwaites movement age

    JTD, thank You for the reply, I am attaching better pictures.
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    Thwaites movement age

    Dear Forum, Please help dating this movement by Thwaites. My assumption No 5191, but stamp is very low quality, also stamp THWAITES has triple hit... strange. With kind regards Alex
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    grand sonnerie

    Great! Congrats!!!
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    Help Identify please

    In Russia it value not much. 10-20$ I would recommend to sell "as is". In my opinion this movement overpowered for this escapement, that's why arbor ends of anchor wheel often wear very much. So if you want to sell it separately you'd better check it for wear.
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    Hour Lavigne

    RODALCO , thznk You for your reply, it recharges every 220 seconds in my case, switch contacts seems are silvered and in good shape so far. I cleaned the case and gear system. Assembling: Oiled needle of the compass dial (was it correct btw??): (btw very nicely engraved) I was curious how...

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