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    Elgin + Frederick Francis + Kewanee

    Well...During COVID god knows what is happening. However - his house is owned by the Kewanee Park District and is open for tours. He left his house and property to the city of Kewanee when he died. I have not been through the house - yet. It is on my radar for a road trip. The address - not...
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    Elgin + Frederick Francis + Kewanee

    The earliest he could have been working for Elgin was 1878 - and the company, by that time, had been in business since 1864, and making watches since 1867. And I think even those earliest watches had hair springs. So - maybe he came up with something better than whatever it was they originally...
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    Elgin + Frederick Francis + Kewanee

    He met his wife at the Elgin Watch Factory - she was a widow. Last name was CROWFOOT. She is buried in Elgin - Frederick, however, is not.
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    Elgin + Frederick Francis + Kewanee

    I've looked through all of those. And there are many Frederick Francis's out there - believe it or not. And none of those patents are for anything that has anything to do with watches, or machines that make watch parts, or people from Illinois.
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    Elgin + Frederick Francis + Kewanee

    Hello. I live a couple towns from Elgin, Illinois, and worked in Elgin for 25 years. I have been collecting Elgin watches for years. And there is something I just can not figure out on my own - so I was hoping someone on this Board has the answer to this. At the very least, this is going to...
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    Convertible Pocket Watches

    This has probably been posted before. But I'm not having any luck finding an answer. So my question is - Besides Elgin, how many other watch companies made convertible pocket watches? Thanks for your help.
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    Driving around a suburb of Milwaukee this morning - and this is a pic of the van in front of me.
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    Elgin Grade 155

    Here is the front and back. If you want something more specific, let me know. Thanks for your help!
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    Elgin Grade 155

    I just received an Elgin Grade 155 pocket watch. The movement is lovely. Everything else is not. It has a metal dial that I would like to replace with a double sunk, appropriate, enameled dial. I would like to recase it in a Salesman's case - so you can see the movement. [The case it is...
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    My Elgin B W RAYMOND visits home

    Next time you are in Elgin - go to the Elgin History Museum. Here's the website: Elgin History Museum | Inspiring historical discovery through preserving Elgin's heritage. They have a floor dedicated to the Elgin National Watch Company. Not too far from the original watch company site. I...
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    A quick question for you folks that know so much more than I do. I know that all the Grade 331's were made in one run of 2000. So - my question is: Are all the Grade 331's Ball/Elgin's? Are there some out there that are just Elgin's? Curious minds want to know. Thanks for your help! Amy...
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    I have a an eight-day Elgin clock - that needs a crystal. This is one of those Size 30 movements from the 1930's. The crystal is octogon shaped. I have no idea where I could get this done. Any ideas? I live in the Chicago area. Thanks for your help. I think it is a Size 22 - not Size 30...
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    Just what is a "Lord Elgin"?

    The Lord family was a prominent family in Elgin. George P. Lord (1819-1906) G. P. Lord, was a business manager of the watch company, the owner of a dairy farm, a mayor, president of the board of education, and president of the First National Bank. Lord's Park is named after him. Lord Elgin...
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    Convertible Pocket Watches

    Thank you for answering that. I would have never figured it out myself.
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    Convertible Pocket Watches

    I know that Elgin made convertible pocket watches. Were there any other companies that made them?

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