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  1. abe

    ID my brother's clock, please

    Thank you, Steven. Anyone have an idea how it is? How can you tell it is not wood works clock?
  2. abe

    ID my brother's clock, please

    My brother sold the farm we both grew up on on Friday. It had been a while since I was there. Our Dad had lots of clocks. He gave each of us 4 kids a shelf clock or a wall clock. I have a Barnes and Bartholomew wooden works clock that runs good. Anyhow, I saw my brother's clock was running and...
  3. abe

    Barnes and Bartholomew just stopped working

    Update Nov 21, 2021: The Barnes and Bartholomew is still running and keeping good time. Winding it is part of my daily morning routine.
  4. abe

    The hardest clock to wind in your collection?

    Of my three running clocks, Thomas Lister tall case, a Barnes and Bartholomew wooden works clock and a 1929 Sessions Revere banjo clock, the hardest to wind is my Sessions banjo. Reasons: it uses a key not a crank, it is spring not weights and I have to use my left hand. It is located in our...
  5. abe

    New here. Clock rescued from the dumpster.

    Why would anyone throw out something like that! Thanks for saving it!
  6. abe

    Identify friend's Seth Thomas please

    Thanks Shutterbug. I appreciate the quick reply.
  7. abe

    Identify friend's Seth Thomas please

    My friend has this nice Seth Thomas clock hanging in his kitchen. It came out of his church. Can anyone tell me more about it, like the approximate build date (I did not take it off the wall so I did not look inside to look for a date) Thank you.
  8. abe

    Groaner definition

    Can someone post a video of a Groaner ready to strike? I'd like to hear one.
  9. abe

    Show us your Half hour markers on brass dials

    I know we have had this discussion before about the date or authenticity of my Lister clock. Some said, if I recall correctly, that the Hepplewhite case came later. I'll have to search for that thread. What would taking off the chapter ring show me? How difficult is that? Is it possible that...
  10. abe

    Back to Standard Time

    For those of us in most of the United States, we went back to Standard Time today. This morning before church I stopped my three clocks that run around 9:00 DST. So an hour later I restarted them. In that hour it was strangely quiet in my downstairs. I have a tall case clock in the living...
  11. abe

    Show us your Half hour markers on brass dials

    Here are two shots of my Thomas Lister of Halifax tall case clock. Lister, Jr. worked alone in Halifax until 1795. He then partnered with Bromley. So this clock was made in or before 1795.
  12. abe

    My sister's clocks

    My sister sent me pictures of the inside of her clocks. Here are the inside shots along with the previously shown clocks. Thank-you for your expertise! My Dad had a lot of clocks and I guess my sister and I have the bug. Clock #1. From your thoughts above this looks like a Junghans. Does the...
  13. abe

    Sessions Revere 36" clock glass

    You might be right about my Sessions Revere clock being a later model instead of a more expensive model with more bells and whistles. Here are pics of Sessions ads I have in my files. Both of these are from 1927. What's neat is that our house was built in 1929 so my Revere banjo is period...
  14. abe

    Sessions Revere 36" clock glass

    I think the differences in our banjo clocks is the price. I think my clock was the more expensive model with the brass side scrolls and eagle instead of the wooden finial. My clock also has the "bim-bam" two-tone chime. The Revere Sessions clock my parents had had no chime at all but had the...
  15. abe

    Sessions Revere 36" clock glass

    Did you check eBay? I think I have seen Revere clock artwork for sale. Is oiling the works a good idea? I hope you find the reverse painted glass. The Revere lighthouse and clipper ship makes a cool banjo clock. Here is mine.

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