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    Request for Rockford Serial Numbers from 1-255,000 ( now expanded to 500,001)

    SN 8,903 18S 15J HC gilt, KW, KS SN 8,906 18S 15J HC gilt, KW, KS
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    Waltham balance staff part numbers

    Here is a website for Waltham Materials. Hopefully you will find it useful. Catalogue of Waltham watch material
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    Most recent tu-tone Appleton-Tracy Waltham

    Ed here is a 17 jewel HC serial number 3591330
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    Waltham CPR's

    Nice watches! Kent here is a Model 92 17 jewel CPR to add to your list. S/N 15024771 lever set adjusted 5 positions. Rick
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    Show and tell your 5star Vanguard

    Here is one of my 5 Star Vanguards. This one is a Model 82 17 jewel OF, I have a 17 jewel HC as well. 17 jewel Vanguards had just over 2000 total production.
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    Waltham siderial

    Very nice watch Art, I'm jealous. I would like to own one myself.
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    Waltham model 92 quality

    Very nice watch Art, I am a big fan of Waltham Model 92's. I find them to be addicting. I have several Vanguards myself in all jewel counts OF and HC. They are beautiful movements. I also like the two tone movements as well. Good luck, Rick
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    Waltham 24 hour model 83

    Just my opinion. I think that the last name is Haller. Christian F. Haller. When you look at the "T" in Christian you can see it is crossed, but the "L" in Haller is not.
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    Waltham 1883 RailiRoad King

    Thanks Kent. I'm sorry for mixing up the serial numbers. You are right. Old age and bad memory makes me see faster than my slow brain can process the correct order!
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    Waltham 1883 RailiRoad King

    Here is a new watch for my collection. A Waltham model 1883 17 jewel HC lever set Special Rail Road King. Serial # 7135247. It has a nice dial marked "For RR Service". I'm sure that it was recased because I see extra screw marks on the case, and the lever doesn't line up correctly with the...
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    20151206 153820 resized
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    20151206 154046 resized
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    20151206 154624 resized
  14. Special Rail Road King

    Special Rail Road King

    Serial # 7135247 17 jewel HC lever set Dial marked "For RR Service"

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