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    Help What is this tool used for?

    Thanks for the come back Rob. Yes, it does seem that it could be used for that I agree. I'm confused by the holes in the bottom of the pusher and on the side of the pusher however. If it was a cannon pinion remover why would one need those? I've attached a couple more pictures of what I'm...
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    Help What is this tool used for?

    Thank you for responding MrRoundel. That was my first thought as well and the piece that moves down does in fact have a very small hole in the end that would appear to fit a staff pivot. However there's hardly any 'floor' in there for the roller table to sit on. The roller table would have to...
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    Help What is this tool used for?

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    Swiss key wind

    Nice watch! What a cool story! I thought you were going to tell us you got the whole box for $3.00. :) Thanks for the share!
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    New here...Hello!

    Thanks for the share, pictures, and intro. Hope to see more of your collection. I haven't seen very many cased 4s'. What a wonderful piece! Thanks again for the share!
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    Loads of junkies (I will not buy any more junk watches)

    Well, I agree it's a hard problem. I keep thinking, "This one would be fun to fix." Also, since I'm a total amateur, I think that when I buy these 'junk' watches I have unlimited time available. Thus, I clearly have more projects than I ever will get done in my life time. So, it's the 'hunt'...
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    Elgin 18s, Model 3, Grade 82, Mainspring Conundrum

    Okay, thanks guys. Thanks for moving it to 'Watch Repair' MusicGuy. I almost posted there but it was pretty specific to this Elgin so was doubting myself. Anyway, now I know. :) Thanks to Rick and Riche for sharing with me that you all have had the same issues. I know what to do now. :)...
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    Elgin 18s, Model 3, Grade 82, Mainspring Conundrum

    I have the above pocket watch. It needs a mainspring. The Elgin materials catalog states it needs an Elgin 812 mainspring. Yet, all the 812 mainsprings I've bought or seen are D.B. & H. type. Yet this mainspring barrel has no slits for the brace. I first thought that the barrel I had was...
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    wind/set Hamilton "Myron" yellow gold

    Looks like the stem might be just a tad long if it is in fact pushed all the way in. When your father had the crown replaced is there any chance he would have had the jeweler leave a little length to a new stem so it would make it easier to wind? My pictures of the Myron (1951 Hamilton...
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    My ten dollar purchase

    Nice! The price was sure right for a running watch! Neat! Congratulations! Is it a fusee? Looks like it might be. Nice catch, you did good!
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    American PW Modifying jewels

    Okay, so it has nothing to do with Short Hub verses Long Hub then. I'm far from knowing very much about staffs. I find screwing around with them to be very frustrating as you point out. I too get frustrated with all the different jewel hole sizes and crap. Just pick a standard and stick to...
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    American PW Modifying jewels

    Forgive me for asking the obvious but none of the ones on eBay will work? Seems like there was a couple with Long Hub 857s available. Just curious as it seems like there's so many Elgin parts on eBay.
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    My Waltham Riverside Maximus Model 1899, Comments?

    Nice! It's well executed and is beautiful! Thanks for the share.
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    Hamilton 950 a la Vortic

    Wow, just wow! That is just beautiful! Looks the workmanship is very high quality. The teal towel sets it off very nicely as well. :) Thank you so much for the share.
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    Center Wheel Stripped Off Pinion

    Thank you Graham, Dewey, and Skutt50 for your comments and suggestions. I too agree I screwed up with the main spring decision. The one time I went with a smaller strength the watch didn't have as good of an amplitude (it was also a little shorter) so decided I should go up in strength. What...
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