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General advertising of for watch models other than railroad grades by company.

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  1. KiloAlpha
    I have a similar clock. The dial above should say "MAKER & INVENTOR" . It seems to say "MAKE & IN VENT" which looks suspicious. Mine has as the maker "Wu Smith" rather than Wm Smith, a subtle but...
  2. Carol Trester
  3. Les harland
    You are right the "bird" in picture No1 is a grouse It is a Swiss Hallmark denoting . 800 silver used from 1882 to 1934 You can see it on:- The Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks Hallmarks...
  4. Dale Reber
    This and following photos accompany the Joseph Minutti clock thread
  5. Tom McIntyre
    Trying to embed these in posts. ??