Images of and relating to chronometers.

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Recent Comments

  1. Tom McIntyre
    These are great artifacts. I almost bought a house in Groton MA 42 years ago that could have used them. It had been owned by the owner of the local power and light company. He had 3 furnaces in...
  2. Tom McIntyre
    Big brother is a Mercedes Sprint, also with barn doors in the rear.
  3. mogadorexfool
    This watch is my grandfather's, it was my great grandfather's and he has passed away. We found this pocket watch along with a Waltham, Hudson Super Six clock. We're looking for information and...
  4. JTD
    Is this Russian? The letters showing from the clock are Russian letters saying 'Koo-Koo'. JTD
  5. BenJB
    ... captivating ! :D