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Tom McIntyre

Watch Papers

Watch papers used to advertise the repairmen's services
This album can be used to file images of watch papers and discuss their origins usage and features.

Each of the images can have its own discussion.
This feature is under development. There will be a formal tutorial on its use and capabilities when it is all worked out.
I dont know know how I got that photograph in here? There is no tab below to import media, and the little black camerer does not work?
The camera is the Media Gallery tool intended for used in other contexts. The editor tool bar is sort of universal, so it is not filtered. That is probably a flaw in the design.

You clicked on the Add Media link at the upper right and you were asked for where to add it and then selected this album.

I enabled categories last night and those may be more suitable for projects like watch papers. The differences are subtle, but categories of media have a similar meaning to categories in the forum area.

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