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  1. Horological Education

    Learn and share about Clocks and Watches.
    1. Horological Miscellany

      If it's Horological but doesn't seem to fit elsewhere try here.
      Discussion includes tools, books and a Stolen items area.
    2. Message Board Help and Announcements

      Post here if you need help in using the MB or have comments for improving the resource. Also look here for general MB announcements.
    3. Museum Areas

      We are pleased to present content from the NAWCC Museum, American Clock and Watch Museum and Musée international d'horlogerie Centre d'étude Institut l'Homme et le Temps. We are happy to host other horological museums here upon request.
  2. What do you think it's worth?

    These forums provide a place for open discussion of the value of specific items.
    Registered message board users are free to ask questions about and offer personal opinions on the value of specific items in ONLY these 4 forums.
    CLICK HERE to agree to the special Value Forum rules/disclaimers & permission to post .

    Specific value questions are NOT permitted in the educational forums!
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: There is no assurance that any opinion on value in these forums is accurate.
    The values discussed here do not represent an appraisal for any purpose, nor does the NAWCC warrant said values in any way.

    Note: References and/or Links to active auctions or sales sites will be removed for legal reasons.
    1. What is this CLOCK worth?

      Discuss the value of particular clocks here.
    2. What is this WATCH worth?

      Discuss the values of particular watches here.
    3. What is this BOOK worth?

      Discuss the values of particular books and the impact of condition and scarcity on value.
    4. What is this THING worth?

      A place to discuss the value of tools or odd bits of material that do not fit elsewhere.
    5. Want to Buy

      Each user who wants to use this forum may create ONE thread where they may post descriptions of horologically related items they want to buy. Your thread can contain multiple posts, with one item per post. All discussions and transactions must be conducted privately, e.g. by PM/Conversation, Email, or social media. Only you will be able to post in your thread, other users cannot post replies. You have full edit permission for your thread including the title and all posts. You may edit your posts to add information or make corrections, or delete a post when you no longer need an item. To help sellers find your requests please include selection(s) from the Prefix list in your title, and also brief descriptive terms for each item. These should be updated each time you add or delete a post. Detailed instructions for managing your personal thread are found in the "Want to Buy" thread in the Message Board Help & Notices forum.