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Help:where and when did this pocket watch come from?

My roomate was given this pocket watch by his 92 year old mother. It was his Godfathers, passed down from his father. She said this watch was over 120 years old. It belonged to Tom Reed, possibly of Iowa, USA. It is a top winder, gold, openfaced.pocket watch. It has roman numerals and a small second hand circle at the bottom of the watch. The name is Elgin National Watch CO. It is written in what appears to be fancy script about one quarter of the way down the face of the watch. Oh the second hand circle is not in roman numerals. There appears to be a back a middle and a front to the body of the pocket watch. There is no apparent way to open the watch except from a jewler.The watch is very heavy approx 2 1\4 inches wide on the body. The front glass is approx a little less than 2 inches across. It has a circular open handle on the top with a ball that has lines going from top to bottom that are very close together. This ball is what is used to wind the watch. Oh I just found out that the back turns to the left!
I opened the pocket watch!! it says on the inside of the back, pat'd nov 19,1889. There is a symbol that looks like a three pointed crown with what appears to be a set of scales midway down the inside back.. Below that are the numbers 217 723 84. Next to the date is an inscribed number, 72002-BWS which appears to be hand etched. With the handle pointed down towards my chest there is writing. The top says 17 Jewels. Going to my right another number,8488433 appears. To the left of this number is a word ADJUSTED. Continueing around the watch to the left of the handle is ELGIN NATL. WATCH Co. As you continue to your left returning to the top are the words SAFTEY PINION. The inside movement is beautiful, with what appears to be etched latice wrok on certain inside surfaces. I did get the winding mechinism to wind back and forth a few time just by touching it but it only goes for 6-7 seconds before stopping. The outside is quite elaborately engraved with very small engraving around the outside body of the watch. The backis a continuation of the sides but less elaborate. The back has engraved leaves and swirls circumcumference of the watch. There is then a middle engraving with swirls and an empty center. The watch was given to Tom Reed when he turned 18 by his father for not smoking all those years. If anyone can tell me anything about this beautiful gold Elgin pocket watch it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Delainey Macphearson

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