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Cornell Watch Co.

The Cornell Watch Co. of Chicago IL was organized in 1870. The factory was finished in 1871 and by the end of 1874 a new company was formed, moving the operation to San Francisco.

The Cornell Watch Co.: A Brief History

Paul Cornell was a real-estate dealer who had considerable land holdings in suburban of Chicago. With J.C. Adams, he formed the Cornell Watch Co. in 1870. J.C. Adams then proceeded to obtain the plant of the Newark Watch Co. (Newark, NJ) and had it shipped out to Chicago, to be installed in a newly built factory in 1871. The company only lasted in Chicago for several years and in 1874 it was moved to San Francisco.

Watch Grades

The following eight watch grades were marketed:

Paul Cornell - 18-size, Full Plate, Stem Wind, Expansion Balance, Ruby Endstones, Patent Regulator
W.M. Hibbard - 18-size, Full Plate, Key Wind, Expansion Balance, Double-Sunk Dial
George F. Root - Full Plate, Key & Stem Wind, Expansion Balance
John Evans - 18-size, Full Plate, Key Wind, Expansion Balance
C.T. Bowen - 18-size, Full Plate, Expansion Balance
E.S Williams
C.M. Cody
George W Waite


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