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    Default Ladies Elgin Pocket Watch 14k Essex Superior?

    Hey guys. I recently got this nice ladies Elgin pocket watch. I tried looking up as much information on the essex superior cases, but still would love some clarification. I've read that the essex superior cases are usually 14k Gold Filled. Most of them I've seen have said "garaunteed 25 years" or something of the sort, but mine does not, just says 14k. Now I know the chances are slim that it is actually solid gold, but is this generally a confusing case to people? The thing that really threw me off was that a men's essex superior case only, with the exact same marks as mine (no garaunteed 25 years), went for over 700 dollars on ebay! All that person said was "Essex Superior 14k." So was that possibly a more rare case? Or were people confused? Orr was it actually gold? The watch I have is in great condition, with absolutely no wear to the gold that I could see, and is working great. The pictures don't really do it justice, it looks nicer. Any extra information anyone has would be really helpful. Is it a common case? What year? Sorry I'm sure I could try and look up the serial number but lost the site and haven't gotten to it yet. THANKS!

    The serial # on the case is: 501261
    The serial # on the watch is: 17867257

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    Smile Re: Ladies Elgin Pocket Watch 14k Essex Superior? (By: Tipton444)


    There should be no doubt about it whatsoever, the Essex Superior case, originally made by the Essex Watch Case Co. and later by Courvoisier-Wilcox Mfg Co. is a gold-filled case.

    Many things are seen to sell on eBay for prices far beyond what they are generally worth on the open market. Just because that happened with an Essex Superior case, it doesn't mean that the case was solid gold.

    You can look up the date of the movement using the references listed in the Elgin Watch Co. Encyclopedia article. However, the movement is a lot younger than the case.
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    Default Re: Ladies Elgin Pocket Watch 14k Essex Superior? (By: Tipton444)


    Essex, to my knowledge, made 3 different grades of gold-filled cases, Superior, Columbia, and Mascot, as well as solid gold and silver cases, but these would not be labelled Superior, which was their best grade gold-filled case. This encyclopedia article on the subject may be of some assistance. I believe the reason some have a guarantee of years and others do not is that there was a time that such a year marking was commonplace, and later such year guarantees were no longer permitted to be used in the industry. Hope this helps some.

    I see Kent was a bit quicker to respond...

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