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    Default Seth Thomas Legacy 1314A Mantel Clock Chimes Late


    I have a 1982/83 Seth Thomas mantel clock that chimes late. The quarterly and hourly chimes are 2 minutes behind the actual time. The clock chimes at 2, 17, 32, and 47 minutes after the hour.

    This is a Seth Thomas catalog number 1314A (1314-001), Legacy model mantel clock and has the Franz Hermle, 2 jewel unadjusted 350-060 German movement.

    Is this something that I can fix or should I take the clock to a repair shop?
    Please let me know if you need anymore information.

    Thanks for your "time",

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Legacy 1314A Mantel Clock Chimes Late (By: KevinD)

    Hi, Kevin, welcome to the message board. The minute hand on your clock will have an adjustable bushing in the center. You will need a file tang or a square screwdriver that fits in the bushing so you can hold the bushing while moving the hand the small amount needed to reset it to match the movement. It's a trial and error adjustment. Grip the hand near it's bushing so you don't bend or break it.
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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Legacy 1314A Mantel Clock Chimes Late (By: KevinD)

    You can do this one.

    Take off the minute hand, hold the center part with pliers, or in a vice, then turn the hand back the distance of about 2 minutes. This may or may not take quite a bit of force.

    The best way to hold the center part is by placing it over a finely tapered square spindle, a small file handle will serve, or you can make a proper spindle using a small nail. Make the 4 flats with a bench grinder and finish with a file. The taper needs to be long, the longer the better.

    Willie X

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Legacy 1314A Mantel Clock Chimes Late (By: Willie X)

    I agree with what has been said.

    If the bushing moves too easily when you make the adjustment, it may slip again when the clock is set. If so, it might be necessary to replace the hand or to peen the bushing where it contacts the hand.


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