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    Default Cutter numbering systems

    I have a number of "Carpano Type" wheel cutters; the solid circular ones with the cutting edges cut radially. There are several systems; one is Carpano System starting at 00 and going up from there; it is a progressive system (profile gets larger). Then I have Carpano cutters with a number followed by an "M" or "C". There is also a Swiss system that is whole numbers; another set of cutters is marked in decimals (I suspect these are marked in module system) and finally I have a couple where the width of the tooth is used marked on the cutter.

    Does anyone have a definitive answer for how these numbering systems relate to anything. I thought I had a copy of a table that correlated the Carpano numbers to module; but I have not put my hands on it.


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    Default Re: Cutter numbering systems (By: DeweyC)

    If you have a copy of J Malcolm Wilds book Wheel And Pinion Cutting in Horology in appendix IV there is the table to go from Carpano numbers to module. If you don't have the book email me twdiesael@aol.com and I will send you a photo of that page.

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    Default Re: Cutter numbering systems (By: Todd W)

    Thanks Todd. I do have that book and I found the table. Now I have to figure out what the other systems mean.

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    Default Re: Cutter numbering systems

    I know this is an old thread but have you progressed any further in figuring out the cutter numbering system ? I just picked up some cutters and I can't figure out what the markings mean.

    Also, by "Carpano type" do you mean the cutters without gaps between the teeth ? As opposed to the modern ones from Thornton ?

    And, yes, I did look at the charts in the J Malcolm Wild book.


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