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    Default 4624 - another early one (By: Mistyoptic)

    This one is housed in a round top mantle case. As much as it is a basket case, all the important parts are still there so I'm optimistic about it chances of returning to the land of the living.

    The coil has paper as its outer shell versus the colored twine I see on virtually all the early ones. Was the twine just used on the domed versions to jazz them up, and the hidden movements were given paper since no one was going to see the movement?


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    Default Re: 4624 - another early one (By: mopydick)

    Interesting - I would have expected a smaller XC or XA movement in a tambour case like that. I suspect that the paper and tape on the coil is from a previous repair; most of the movements I've seen where the pendulum bob is not visible were covered in silk ribbon (as opposed to the silk or cotton cording used when it would be seen). Others with far more experience than I will hopefully add their information to the thread.
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    Default CD about Bulle clocks. Opinions please (By: Ingulphus)

    Hi all

    Periodically my ebay notifications try to offer me a CD about Bulle Clocks "all about this interesting electric clock"

    Is it worth it? I have the Robert Miles translated book. Will the CD add anything useful to my knowledge?


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    Default Re: CD about Bulle clocks. Opinions please (By: Mistyoptic)

    I have a bulle clock.
    The clock is very important to me and I've been looking for parts for a few years already.

    I'm looking for two specific parts of my clock.
    - Driving click
    -Back click


    If you can help me find some parts I would be very happy with!
    Even a complete mechanism is obtained.


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