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    Default Antique 1940's English Smiths-Enfield mantle clock.

    I found this neat little Smiths mantle clock at auction about two years ago. I fixed it up and it works perfectly, but it does have, however, one small issue: the gong it strikes one is know screwed into the case, and I tried using a variety of pliers to fix it by tightening the bolts, and as a result, when I close the back door, it moves. I have also found another possibility to attempt to fix it : take the movement out so the gong can preform a full rotation in the case and then stay in position, screwed into the case properly. But is there a correct way of taking the movement out and not mess it up? Because otherwise I would not want to take the risk as the clock does run and chime when I just leave the back door of the case fully open, but that is annoying, on the other hand, if you have to put it on a mantlepiece to obtain this unpleasant strike and grind noise, along with it stopping. Any help is warmly welcome! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Antique 1940's English Smiths-Enfield mantle clock. (By: Ticktocktime100)

    There should be plenty of thread on the rod that the nuts screw onto. There should be 1 nut and washer inside the case and 1 nut and washer outside the case underneath. However if your saying it won't tighten up to the case, the rod has a threaded end at both ends, one thread shorter than the other, try unscrewing the rod from the block where the gong is screwed too. The longest thread should be going through the case and the short thread into the block.
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    Default Re: Antique 1940's English Smiths-Enfield mantle clock. (By: Tony10Clocks)

    Thank you very, very much!
    I will check all this information out on my clock and let you know!

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