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    Default Colonial of Zeeland Grandfather Clock

    I just recently bought a grandfather clock at an auction....it's beautiful and seems to be keeping time fine, but I cannot figure out why it will not chime the hour appropriately. I believe it is a 1978 Colonial of Zeeland clock (Registered Serial Number 7800003). It is the type that has a small string inside....according to paperwork I've read, you should simply pull it down on the left to turn off the chime or pull it down on the right to turn the chime on.

    Any hints on how to activate the chime function?

    My fear is that auctioneers may have messed something up (they pulled the weights VERY high into the casing and I don't know if this may have caused an issue with the chime function).

    Any helpful hints would be appreciated.....

    Thank You!

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    Default Re: Colonial of Zeeland Grandfather Clock (By: JoeStreible)

    Hi, Joe, welcome to the message board. To figure out why it doesn't chime or strike, or whichever it doesn't do, you will need to remove the dial to have a look at the front of the movement. It's possible the weights are too far into the movement, and the hooks may be sticking on the seat board. If you have an abundance of time on your hands, you should start learning clock repair. If not, perhaps a local clock repairman could help you out.
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    Default Re: Colonial of Zeeland Grandfather Clock (By: harold bain)

    and pictures!
    Tinker Dwight

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    Default Re: Colonial of Zeeland Grandfather Clock (By: JoeStreible)


    The string set up doesn't work very smoothly. In fact, sometimes you really have to tug on the string to get the internal lever to move.

    Here is what I would do: If the weights are hanging freely,
    1) look behind the dial and locate the lever attached to the on/off string
    2) manually move the lever into the on and off positions (total travel is 1/2"ish) and test

    That alone may light up the chimes. If it does not....likely a closer look is needed.........

    Good Luck!

    Terry C.

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