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View Poll Results: What is the most expensive watch you wear?

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  • < $500

    38 25.68%
  • $500 to $5,000

    73 49.32%
  • $5000 to $20,000

    26 17.57%
  • $20,000 to $50,000

    6 4.05%
  • > $50,000

    5 3.38%
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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: leckie1uk)

    Don't know the value of what I wear but one is a 1959 14 karat gold Hamilton that belonged to my maternal grandfather and was given to him by his company for 25 years of service (engraved on the back) and an Omega Seamaster that belonged to my paternal grandfather.

    Don't know the date of the Omega but it must be 1950's as well.

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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: CDS)

    I have a TAG I wear every day 3k usd . But my pride and joy is a Bell & Ross Phantom $$$ usd

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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: Prodigy)

    I just bought a 1993 Tudor Submariner cas ref 79090, now my most expensive watch.

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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: sderek)

    I almost never wear wrist watches, I'm a pocket watch kind of guy. I know that what I have are by far not the most valuable of watches, but I take a lot of pride in them. I think my best and most valuable is my South Bend 217. My runner up is probably my 1888 Columbus that's in near mint condition.

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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: M. Cross)

    For me I guess it depends how much a 1962 Bulova Accutron Astronaut M2 the first Astronaut to be made of all Stainless Steel is worth ? It's unclear if they were ever released for sale to the general public but what is known is the Air Force Bought them from bulova and gave them to all the X-15 Pilots some time in late 1961/ early 1962 and bulova even made a special one and a half foot long watch band so the X-15 pilots could wear the watch on the out side of there pressure suits.

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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: Accutronitis)

    Since my posting in 2012, I've upgraded to an Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Moonwatch' with a panda dial as my daily wear watch. Absolutely LOVE that thing, and use its chronograph functions all the time.

    Funniest thing I've ever happen while wearing the watch is, since it has a white face, the black registers are pretty prominent, and their positions on the dial give a particular 'pattern', as will be shown in a moment.........I was standing in line at a ride at Disney World this past February when I overheard a lady point out my watch to her husband, and asked what it was? He proceeded to tell her it was a VERY rare Omega 'hidden Mickey' dialed Speedmaster that Omega only produced in the early 1970's, and that I was fortunate to own one....and then they moved off with her apparently being very impressed with my timepiece.

    So, if you have a white dialed 'panda' Omega Speedmaster with the 3 black registers, you, too, own a rare Omega 'hidden' Mickey Mouse watch! (grins)

    Regards! Mark

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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: Tom McIntyre)

    I find the entire subject laughable, to be honest.

    If you analyse the motivation behind paying vast sums for anything you're actually left with a philosophical dilemma: ownership of anything is governed by a)necessity, b)utility, or c) luxury.

    Sometimes it's a combination of A and B, but essentially C always stands alone.

    I was given a Patek for my 21st birthday and it was my most prized possession until all £20k of it was stolen from me by a guy with a knife when I was 32. Gone. By an absolute miracle it was returned to me three years later when the moron tried to sell it to a registered dealer in Bond Street. I had it serviced, a scratch repaired, and then I sold it. This thing was an engineering and artistic marvel yet what was it to me but a cause of concern and obsession. My father wasn't remotely offended by the sale, fortunately. He knew I was never going to wear it outside the house again.

    I've got three vintage Omegas from the 1920s-1940s that I bought broken and repaired, two Baume et Merciers, a Tudor, a lovely old Breitling, and a stunning 1920s silver Art Deco wristwatch which I adore. The prized possession is the converted "trench watch" my great-grandfather wore on his wrist at the Battle of Jutland. I look at it most days and realise it means far more to me than a £20k lump of luxury. I guess the point is that you can't buy something that truly matters, whereas you can spend a million pounds on all sorts of stuff.

    If I inherit ten million pounds will I buy a £200k watch? Nah...
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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: DavidA1)

    It's true, I have things that mean a great deal to me that are worth virtually nothing, my family don't have a history of collecting antiques but I do and I have a house stuffed with them.

    I tried to buy a patek philippe from a jeweller I knew in the seventies but he would not sell it to me. It was when I first came across the name. It was another 40 years before I bought one. I love it, but I don't wear it all the time because my job isn't suited, and I always wear a wristwatch day and night, the Patek Philippe isn't suitable. The idea of a robbery doesn't really occur to me, I'm more likely to get hit by lightning. It's insured anyway, and as I bought it for myself I can always buy another one.
    Nick, lots to learn, late starter.

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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: DavidA1)

    I've always been fascinated with grand complication clocks and watches as well as moon phase dials. In doing an internet search, I ran across the Citizen Campanola series. These have been in production for a number of years but are only marketed by Citizen in Japan. The first ones made had. and still have, a quartz movement but they've expanded into ecodrive and mechanical movements as well. The echodrive and mechanical movements are, well, not as complicated.

    The Campanola Grand Complication watch is hand assembled in limited numbers. In a large hand-polished steel case, the handmade dial is done in a style called “Japanese rosewood." It has the time, perpetual calendar, moon phase indicator, chronograph, GMT hand, and a minute repeater. A few find their way onto eBay - some new and some used which is where I found mine. The prices range from mid $2K to mid $4K. I paid around $1,300 for mine as it had some scratches which I've mostly buffed out.

    The stainless steel band was a bit tight so I called Citizen and they do stock links. The person I talked with looked up the link price and one was $75. I then asked her what a complete band would cost. After a few seconds she said, "Oh my. Let me place you on hold to check the price.". When she returned, she had verified the price as being $850. I told her to just send the link.
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    Mort in York, PA

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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: NeilA)

    These two are the most expensive watches I wear the first a Tudor Snowflake submariner Cir 1970 has doubled in price since I got it I guess due to Tudor started selling the Snowflakes subs again and the vintage ones were rediscovered. The vintage ones use to be the poor mans Rolex not no more.

    And then my Hanhart 417 issued chronograph less of them are on the market so the price has been going up on them since I got this one I wear all my wristwatches don't care if they are high value they don't collect dust in the safe.

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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: M. Cross)

    I bought my rolex watch from TheClassyWrist.
    I will leave you guys a link to their rolex product category so that you can see for yourself.
    TheClassyWrist had an amazing service.

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    Cool Re: The most expensive watch I wear (Omega PO chrono co-axial, etc,etc,etc. (By: M. Cross)

    This is a banner day as I am wearing my Orange bezeled Omega planet ocean chrono. I think this is one of the originals with the Co-axial movement, roughly 10 years ago, about? This watch was purchased for me by my current wife for reward for stopping smoking. Directly after buying this watch, we went to a water park in Texas and I wore it the whole time. The first test it passed with flying colors and has been my favorite ever since. At a price tag retail of $7,500.00, not paying for cigarettes has paid for itself time and time again. Cheap reward for a life without cigarettes.

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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: M. Cross)

    I've just bought my dream watch Christopher Ward C9. And it is the most expensive watch I wear so far

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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: Accutronitis)

    @Accutronitis ... Brilliant! Not only is the watch amazing I love the history behind it. Very exciting. My father was in the Air Force and flew in Vietnam. When I asked him about whatever became of his pilot's watch he replied "It was just some cheap Bulova or something" ... my jaw dropped. Clearly, he's not a watch guy but to have captured that history and his story in a beautiful timepiece would have been timeless and (for me) priceless. Was this YOUR service timepiece or do you know the story of the specific wearer?

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    Default Re: The most expensive watch you wear (was Nardin Freak) (By: AlAbernathy)

    Almost embarrassed to admit it here, but my daily wear watches are an ever growing variety of cheap Chinese watches that range from $2 - $10. I do have a $1000 Movado Elrio that I purchased about 12 years ago which I still wear quite regularly. Being on a very limited budget these days, however I have been enjoying the variety that these uber-inexpensive Chinese timepieces provide. I have always loved watches though and vicariously enjoy the Patek Phillipe's and Tudors through my more well-heeled fellow horologists. Keep posting pictures of those amazing timepieces!
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