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    Default Eli Terry & Sons Pillar & Scroll Finials

    I have a Terry & Sons pillar and scroll, which has been in my collection for over 25 years. The clock is in completely original condition, but I question the finials. The finials are very old and have always been with the clock as far as the original owner knew, but are turned wood, not the customary brass. Years ago, I saw a photo in a clock book showing a group of Terrys, one of which had the same wooden finials as mine. However, I can't remember where I saw this. I thought it was in one of Palmer's books, but didn't see it when looking recently. Can anyone tell me if Terry used wood finials on pillar and scrolls? Secondly, how can original brass finials be identified? I know what the Terry style looks like, but I've been told by some the finials are turned solid brass, and by others that they are hollow, stamped brass. Which is the truth?


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    Default Eli Terry & Sons Pillar & Scroll Finials (By: mlschlot)

    I can't answer the wood versus brass finial question,but original brass finials were cast and had a seam visible through the center of the final from top to bottom.

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    Default Eli Terry & Sons Pillar & Scroll Finials (By: mlschlot)

    I have a Terry and Sons with wooden finials and an early Seth Thomas with the brass ones that Jack described. The wooden ones are clearly old but I can't say whether they left the factory with the clock or not.
    If I had to guess, I would say they are of the period and or probably original but maybe Snowden Taylor could answer with some authority via the NAWCC answere box.



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    Default Re: Eli Terry & Sons Pillar & Scroll Finials (By: Larry)

    I have an Eli Terry pillar and scroll with wooden finials also--I came here to ask if possibly original becuase the couple of appraisers I have talked to said they must be brass. So thanks for the above. since mine is not "and Sons" it may be older than the above ones. Does anyone have any more info for me about mine? It still has directions and the paper saying it is waranteed, etc.

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    Default Re: Eli Terry & Sons Pillar & Scroll Finials (By: erowe)

    Hello Betsy, welcome to the NAWCC Message Board.

    Unfortunately, you've answered to an old thread from 2004, probably obsolete.

    I'm quite sure, the members will be able to help you along with information about your
    clock. But, you will have to post pictures of the clock, the movement and the paperwork you have.
    You may stay on this thread, or open a new one - as you like.

    Jurgen "tempus nostrum"

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