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    Default History of Waltham watch co by E A Marsh

    I have found this link in our group http://www.nawcc-index.net/Articles/Marsh_RC-2.pdf by E A Marsh that discusses much of the early history of Waltham. Question is, Is there a resource that can be purchased or downloaded of this work that INCLUDES the photographs and drawings? The way it appears to me, is when a picture or drawing is presented, it is mentioned in the text in parenthesis, but the pictures and drawings are not included.
    Any info about this resource would be appreciated.
    Sam G

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    Default Re: History of Waltham watch co by E A Marsh (By: Samg)

    There are two versions of this document from the Baker Library collection. One is marked as approved by R. E. Robbins so the date in the citation on the first page is certainly incorrect since R. E. Robbins died in 1902.

    The referenced pictures are commonplace and appear in several other publications from Marsh.

    I gave a dinner talk at the 2002 Seminar that used one of Marsh's publication for a number of the pictures. http://awco.org/Seminar2002/workers.htm.
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