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    Default Junghans ATO mantel clock


    I have a Junghans ATO mantel clock , age unknown, but from what I have read, probably from the mid-fifties. It is 1.5V cell-powered, and not transistorised. A link to what it looks likes is here: http://www.clock-museum.co.uk/c186.htm

    I am looking for directions to regulate it.

    I already know that the pendulum needs to be screwed clock-wise or anti-clockwise to adjust it, and if the bob is let down, it runs slower.

    Any advice?


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    Default Re: Junghans ATO mantel clock (By: Gene)

    You seem to have found the answer already. If that doesn't work, then the incorrect suspension spring may have been fitted. The Kundo and Junghans springs are of different stiffness.


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    Default Re: Junghans ATO mantel clock (By: dennishoy)

    New to the forum. Decided I didn't have enough hobbies to throw away money my wife could spend, and got into clocks. My first project is this lovely Junghans mantel clock, or at least that's what my buddy Google said. Looking for guidance on where to start? I have the dome. I am guessing something is missing between the pendulum and where it attaches to clock body?Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Junghans ATO mantel clock (By: jpparker19)

    Hi, Jp, welcome to the message board. Your clock is missing the suspension spring (or at least the bottom half of it) to suspend the pendulum. Timesavers part # 12011 should fix it.
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    Default Re: Junghans ATO mantel clock (By: harold bain)

    Sometimes the notch where the spring goes in needs to be opened a bit, a very tight fit, i broke a spring once when putting my first one in. Congrats to a fun hobby, i hope it works well when you do the repair needed.
    One clock at a time. Kevin West

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