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    Default Schatz 8 Day Cuckoo

    I could use a little help from the experts on this please. I am working on a Schatz 8 Day Cuckoo clock that was brought to me for repair. It was in some pretty sad shape. After removing the movement "Jahresuhrenfabria" 50 I find a small piece of metal laying in the bottom of the case. Only after disassembling the movement do I find it was a piece of the Verge Pallet. How or why I don't have a clue. Anyhow I have made minor adjustments to verges and polished pallets but as for making a pallet No. Just wondering if anyone out there has a used Verge/Pallet, to fit this clock, or any Ideas as to my best approach to getting this movement running again. The movement itself is in fairly good condition.

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    Default Re: Schatz 8 Day Cuckoo (By: hdsoftail03)

    I've never tried it on a Schatz, but Timesavers sells two Regula cuckoo verge sizes. If it wouldn't fit right in, it might be easier to transfer the verge to your arbor and see how it does.
    Part 16614 for the one day, 16615 for 8 day.
    Most repairmen have bunches of old cuckoo movements laying around. You could do the same with one of them.

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    Default Re: Schatz 8 Day Cuckoo (By: shutterbug)

    Thanks Shutterbug. I've looked at the ones from Time savers. They are for the Regula 1 and 8 day movements. I've worked on both in the past and seem to remember the pallets are spot welded to the verge shaft. I'm afraid the pallet would be almost destroyed trying to remove it, as I have worked with sot welds before, and you almost have to drill them to make them let go. The Schats pallet is staked into the verge shaft. Not saying it will be easier to get out but might be. I'm not to bad at crafting small parts from metal but not being sure on the angles and tip lengths and considering attaching the pallet may be a one time shot I want to have my ducks in a row. I'm sure there is a good condition Schatz verge/pallet out there, I just have to locate it.

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    Default Re: Schatz 8 Day Cuckoo (By: hdsoftail03)

    You may be able to use one of Timesaver's 11268 verge blanks on page 94 of their catalog. You can form it using the broken one and harden it. I have had good luck doing this before.

    Will Walker (WOW)

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    Default Re: Schatz 8 Day Cuckoo (By: wow)

    Thanks WOW found that verge pallet material in timesaver's. It says it's .050" thick. The broken one is .025" thick steel. This is going to be a challenge but I want to try it. If I knew the ASTM designation for the steel or carbon content I could find a piece that will work. Has to be cold working and have the ability to heat and quench harden. getting out my old machinist hand book to figure it out. Still know someone out there has a Schatz 50 Cuckoo Verge. LOL Oh thought about using .025" shim stock but cant remember the carbon content. I know I'm possessed by this, but it's a learning thing too.

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    Default Re: Schatz 8 Day Cuckoo (By: hdsoftail03)

    Well I have to say it wasn't an easy thing to do, but I was able to make a pallet out of .025 steel shim stock. It;s final size was .025" thick x .147" wide x .410" long. Thank god for my Cad program and eight times scale. This thing was pretty small and took some time and thought, but it came out good. Thought I was done for trying to get the old pallet off the verge shaft. It was staked to the shaft and the small tabs broke off trying to open them up to get the old pallet out. So I filed out the groove in the shaft drilled a small hole in both the pallet and the shaft and riveted the pallet to the shaft. Put the escapement wheel and verge between the plates and was surprised how close it was to wanting to work. Did a little fine tuning and man it works fine. Going to harden the pallet faces and do a finish polish tomorrow. Looks like it's going to work out. Thanks for your input and time guys.

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    Default Re: Schatz 8 Day Cuckoo (By: hdsoftail03)

    Great job hd! You make us proud

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