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    Default Seth Thomas Regulator #2 and #3

    A Seth Thomas Regulator #2 and #3 have been offered, I took some pictures.

    Regulator #2
    Itís hard to tell from a photo, but does the case look like itís been refinished? The oak seems too perfect. Also the dial is in almost too good a condition. The movement is marked Seth Thomas Ď778í. I believe the clock dates to the early 20th century. I understand the Regulator #2 has been reproduced a lot.

    Regulator #3
    This is the one Iím more interested in. The finish on the case seems to be original. The dial also appears to be original. Surprisingly, the weight is plated nickel, but the bob is gilded. I believe the bob has been painted. Are the weight and bob original to a Regulator #3? The movement has the Seth Thomas logo, but no model number. I think the clock is from the late 19th century.

    Iíd appreciate any information (and opinions) people have about either clock. Iím particularly concerned about them being in original condition. I was told theyíve been hanging unwound on this guyís wall for the last 50 years.

    Regulator #2
    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	photo3.jpg 
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Name:	photo5a.jpg 
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    Regulator #3
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0879a.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_0880a.jpg 
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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Regulator #2 and #3 (By: JST)


    As I was cruising the posts from the following link, http://mb.nawcc.org/showthread.php?2...regulator+%232
    I found a few #2ís and at least one #3 ST regulator.

    I then Googled Seth Thomas #2 identification and came up with a few more links



    And a few for sale:

    My experience with #2ís is from those that have come in for repair and a few I have sold for repair customers. I have seen none over the years with pristine dials that were original. Most of the original dials were made from zinc plate to which paint did not adhere. If you are intent on having an original clock, it likely will not have a good dial. Most I have seen resemble the dial on the #3 in your photos. Chipping around the screw mounting holes and at least some scuffing at the winding hole. Most of the weights I have seen have been strung with cable. I do not know if that was original, and my preference is proper sized cord. The cable seems to be a particular irritation with fouling. Maybe the originals were strung with gut. I am not a real fan of gut either. I think the ST Regulators were made from walnut as well as oak. Could the #2 in your photos be walnut? I have never seen a nickel plated weight on a ST regulator, but that does not mean they were not produced that way.

    Some of the reproductions were pretty good and others were absolutely lousy.

    Like you, I would be quite skeptical of claims made by sellers of ST #2ís.

    With any luck, a few specialists will surface to give some better direction.

    Best Regards,

    Dick Feldman

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Regulator #2 and #3 (By: JST)

    I would lay odd's that the no.2 is a re-issue form the 70's. It is odd that the lable just happens to be damaged right where the words "A Tandy Company" would have been printed.

    The number 3 is origanal except for the bob. A good rule of thumb on Seth Thomas is: if it has a nickle beat scale, black and silver lable, the weight and weight pully are nickle then the bob would have been nickle and the stick would have been silver leaf, as well as the trim ring around the dial, all hinges, and the lock on the bottom door, all would be nickled. Also the nickle option was only found on walnut and mahgony versions. I have not seen one in oak that was nickle.

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Regulator #2 and #3 (By: nwo4rf)

    I don't think the #2 is a reissue. The movement would be a copy of the 61 and this one is a 77 B (not a 778). I can't tell from the pictures if it has been refinished but it looks very nice. The dial is probably replaced or repainted but also looks very good, could be by Martha.
    The #3 appears to be missing the small acorn finials below the bezel. The weight is probably original and the pendulem a replacement. Nickel was an option on most of ST's better clocks including those made in oak.

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    Registered User inbeat's Avatar
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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Regulator #2 and #3 (By: Budman44)

    Like Budman says, the #2 is not a repro and is an original. I have owned many #2's and have seen many with original dials that were good...the later ones, with arabic dials were often painted with no undercoating and "blew" their paint in splotches. Many of the earlier ones held their paint well. Hard to tell if the case is refinished but some that were taken care of held up well....
    #3's came in several variations. Some had the bottom finials and top finials...some had bottom and no top finials...some had no finials at all. The movement is a #68 S/t movement if it is original. The bobs were sometimes damascened, sometimes not. If the weight is nickel, then the bob should be also....

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    Registered User inbeat's Avatar
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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Regulator #2 and #3 (By: Budman44)

    The label does not look like the repros that are sold. The beatplate does not look right for the 77B movement.

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Regulator #2 and #3 (By: inbeat)


    Shouldn,t the movement in the # 3 be a #62 not # 68 which was a seconds beat movement used in the larger wall clocks. I also think the # 2 is pretty much original.

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Regulator #2 and #3 (By: jacks61fd)

    You are correct of course....My fingers flew faster than my brain.....I have a few clocks with the 68 mvt. and the 62 in my #3......and also had one in a #17 I owned....instead of the #68 movement in the 17.

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Regulator #2 and #3 (By: inbeat)

    Thanks everybody for all of the information youíve provided on these two clocks. Iíve really learned a lot. The #3 is more interesting to me, so thanks for all of the attention to that one. I can find pictures of #3 all over the Internet. Most have the finals, but as Inbeat points out, some do not. Unfortunately, I only have pictures-of-pictures of the movement. Consequently, you can only see one side of the movement and itís not a very good resolution. The only marking I can see on it is the ST Logo in the lower right corner.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Movement 1.jpg 
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ID:	139119Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Movement 2.jpg 
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ID:	139120

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Regulator #2 and #3 (By: JST)

    That is a # 62 movement. I believe it is a later one as the beat setter is below the movement, on the early movement the beat setter was above the movement.. The finials on these clocks were attached to the upper door so if this one had them their should be evidence.

    Inbeat I knew you knew that,I figured typing faster then brain was working. I had the # 62 movement in my ST # 17 also.
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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Regulator #2 and #3 (By: jacks61fd)

    For reference, here is a picture of my #2 Reissue:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Reissue.jpg 
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ID:	139256  

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