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    Default On to the days when making a phone call

    Would it not be wonderful if we could go back to the days when you made a telephone call to a company or business or organization and a human being answered the phone? Not only would it increase the employment rate…you would not be obligated to hear a “canned” voice repeat a list of things you have to do to reach a person you want to speak with.

    Not only that, how many times have you been put on hold to hear some scratchy music you do not care for, and then suddenly your phone call ends up disconnected. You have already wasted 10-15 minutes and poof the phone goes dead…with the operator chiming in “If you want to make a call…hang up and call the number you want.”

    Progress in motion?
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    Default Re: On to the days when making a phone call (By: dweiss17)

    Those were, indeed, the days! Technology is supposed to make life easier, not complicate it.

    Fifty fathoms

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