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    Question Pendant Set Hamilton 912 help

    Hey all,

    I am overhauling a Hamilton 912 I got from an antique shop that I have taken all apart, cleaned, oiled, put back together and all was well with it running outside the case. The moment the movement went in the case, I lost significant amplitude and the watch refuses to wind with the crown and stem. I am thinking sleeve issue? Possibly shipper spring adjustment screw is out of whack? Any other thoughts before I go digging around my stem and sleeve?



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    Default Re: Pendant Set Hamilton 912 help (By: Cecilia Dunn)

    Is it running well in all positions on the bench, before you put it in the case ? Just trying to rule out anything in the bare movement prior to casing.
    And if that's a "yes", try loosening the movement screws a bit, and then move the movement ( cute, huh ? ) and see if it's an alignment issue between the movement and the crown/stem assembly. Maybe its just mis-aligned a bit, and binding.

    Sorry if this sounds simplistic,..just trying to rule out what I think could be issues.
    Best regards,


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