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    Default Waterbury movement parts

    I bought this really nice looking clock at an auction that was in pieces but the case and porceline dial were perfect, i didnt look too close at the movement which was a moron move on my part, well as you can see this was some project with many missing parts and issues that whoever owned it were probably trying to fix. I have been looking on ebay and see some movements but i have questions. since a normal movement without an open escapement looks the same minus the extras that make it open i was wondering could i just buy one and take all the gears from it minus the escape wheel and verge and put it onto this or are they different, and 2nd this has springs in barrels but the only movements i have seen have them open, are some opened and barreled or maybe did this just get the wrong parts tossed in with it? On the plus side it was missing a screw for the small escape bridge piece....guess which one came with and which is one i made

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    Default Re: Waterbury movement parts

    Do you have pictures to show what it is you are referring to.

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    Default Re: Waterbury movement parts

    Hi Ryan is this a 8 day clock, i might have something.
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    Default Re: Waterbury movement parts

    oh shoot i forgot the pics, here they are
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