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    Default Carbon fibre or Delrin tipped tweezers

    Does anyone here have experience using Carbon fibre or Delrin tipped tweezers ?

    My most frequently used tweezers are currently a pair of Dumont No. 2 in carbon steel, and a pair of broad tipped brass tweezers.

    I was thinking of trying a pair of these new Carbon fibre or Delrin tipped tweezers, especially for working with highly finished or easily marked parts.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts


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    Default Re: Carbon fibre or Delrin tipped tweezers (By: grumio)

    Don't want to use the carbon fibre tipped tweezers. The fibres do scratch. Delrin is good. Keep in mind any plastic-based tools needs to be kept clean of any dirt that could get embedded and scratch the item being handled.

    Cheers, Watchfixer

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    Default Re: Carbon fibre or Delrin tipped tweezers (By: Watchfixer)

    Plastic tweezers are usually for handling watch batteries. That is what they are designed to do. Metal tweezers risk short circuiting batteries. You can avoid a lot of scratching and launching parts by getting and using finger cots and handling things with your fingers.

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    Default Re: Carbon fibre or Delrin tipped tweezers (By: Dr. Jon)

    I use carbon fiber tweezers for all sorts of stuff, though almost exclusively for bigger stuff. I have the fiber-reinforced PVDF ones (black, solid plastic, run US$6-ish), both fine- and blunt-tipped. Don't use the fine-tipped ones much - I tried them for little parts, and they're just too springy. I use the blunt-tipped ones regularly to handle plates, bridges and cocks either to fish them out of the ultrasonic cleaner baskets (use them every time for that) or when I don't want to put finger cots on (just moving them, but not working on anything at the moment). I also use them to handle batteries and dials. I've never seen them come close to scratching anything, and I inspect every single piece of a watch under a 30x stereo microscope after cleaning. I'm a complete fanatic when it comes to "clean" and "don't scratch", and wouldn't use them if I didn't trust them completely. After all, they use them to handle silicon discs in chip fabrication, and those disc surfaces are a lot more easily scratched than brass. My main two tweezers are a pair of brass AM Peer-Vigors and a few pairs of stainless anti-magnetic Viola or Dumont #12s. I use the brass ones for danged near everything, but the ultra-fine-but-stout tips of the #12s are indispensable for the smallest screws.

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