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    Default Vibrograf M80 Schematic

    If anyone can provide me with or tell me how to find a Vibrograf M80 schematic I would really appreciate it.
    I have an Operating Manual but no schematic or component placement pic. I have a hunch the I/Cs have been switched around. I have repaired the 5 and 12 Volt supplies but no go.
    If anyone is trying to trouble shoot an M80; after you change the two electrolytics in the Power Supply check all the blue 22 uf tantalum caps on the 12V bus. Mine were all shorted.

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    Default Re: Vibrograf M80 Schematic (By: Frank Joudrey)

    Hi FRJ,
    I have myself just aquired an VIBROGRAF M80 (without the sensor pickup transducer) The mainboard tantalum caps and logic ic's are all OK ,the unit power's up OK,
    The front led display shows (-1 00) .
    I need to aquire an user manual and an schematic of the pickup sensor, or pictures of the internals of the pickup , and din plug wiring etc ,etc.
    Your help would be much appreiciated,
    If you need the I/C s layout of the mainboard, I could send you pictures of the internals of my unit and I/Cs placement drawings via email .
    Hope to hear from you, Kind Regards ( Graham Ashton) UK.

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    Default Re: Vibrograf M80 Schematic (By: Angel-Fish)

    April 25, 2012

    Good Afternoon;
    Thank you for your reply. I would really appreciate a pic of the component layout and the I/C placement.
    If you send your mailing address I will mail you a copy of the operating instructions. If I can get them in a format to email then I will do that. Regardless you will get a copy.
    I do not have anything on the pick-up except the instructions in the Users Manual.

    email: frankrj@eastlink.ca

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    Default Re: Vibrograf M80 Schematic (By: Angel-Fish)

    Did you ever find the wiring for the 5 pin din plug?


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    Default Re: Vibrograf M80 Schematic (By: dalesnail74)

    You are not likely to get a reply from Frank. This is an old post and he
    only made a total of 5 post.
    Not exactly a regular reader.
    Tinker Dwight

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