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    Default Is this a Becker ?

    My search for Duverdrey & Bloquel took me to this


    I am sure John will be able to tell us more.


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    Default Re: Is this a Becker ? (By: Shayne)

    It looks like it has a 5 spoke gallery on the pendulum which might sugest it's a Phillip Hauk, But that might be my imagination because i have just had a Ph Hauck clock
    Wait till someone who knows for sure
    Too many clocks and not enough time, Tony

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    Default Re: Is this a Becker ? (By: Shayne)

    It's a JUF, clock number 233 in the 1910 catalogue. I bid on this clock myself, but I also know who won it. There is another one coming up at auction in the UK shortly. Unfortunately it is missing the top crown and pillars. PM me if you want the link.
    Les Bradley

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    Default Re: Is this a Becker ? (By: lesbradley)

    Les has the ID correct, a JUF Model No. 233. I've seen this clock up for sale a couple of times and have had it documented since the Windibank sale. It was made about the beginning of 1908.

    Tony, the pendulum has a six-pillar gallery and is not shown in the Repair Guide. It was most likely made by a third party and sold to JUF as well as perhaps Hauck, WŁrth, and Kienzle as I've seen it on all those with matching serial numbers.

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