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    Default Waltham 6/0 - C wrist watch movement parts needed

    I'm searching for a setting bridge (yoke) for above listed waltham.

    Also if you have the plate that holds the hole jewel on the 4th wheel.
    it mounts from under the train bridge plate, I have the jewel and the screw.
    I only need that figure 8 plate.
    Thanks for any reply.

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    Default Re: Waltham 6/0 - C wrist watch movement parts needed (By: bptanguay)

    I have spare setting parts but I'm not sure of the terminology. The Waltham material list calls the lever that moves the clutch up and down a shipper and the plate with spring that covers it the shipper cap. I don't have a spare 21j train bridge. Will one of the dial side cap jewel plates work as a jewel retainer? Joel

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    Default Re: Waltham 6/0 - C wrist watch movement parts needed (By: 441victor)

    Thanks for the reply 441Victor, I'll check the movement for the cap jewel plate, as for the shipper cap, I just found one today.
    I'll try to reply in the morning.

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