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    Default German confusion

    I know that there are some Germans on this message board with excellent English skills. I hope one of them can clear up some confusion for me.
    Is a Gewindeschneider and a Gewindebohrer the same tool with two different names? Or, is one a tap and the other a die? If not, please help me learn the correct terms for tap and die.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: German confusion (By: Dave D)

    Let me say it this way: Gewindebohrer is the male tool.
    Gewindeschneider may be the female tool, but is a more general word for a threading tool.
    Schneideisen is the female tool.
    My online translator said, tap also means both.

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    Default Re: German confusion (By: praezis)

    Vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort auf meine Anfrage. Ich wollte diese Fachbegriffe lernen und Sie haben mir sehr viel geholfen. Mein On-Line Übersetzer hat Geschwindebohrer sowohl für Tap als auch für die gemeint. Das war etwas verwirrend!

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    Default Re: German confusion (By: Dave D)

    excellent German

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    Default Re: German confusion (By: praezis)

    Quote Originally Posted by praezis View Post
    excellent German
    Thank you very much. A highlight of my life was working in Cologne and Frankfurt from 1982-84 at an advertising agency. I loved living in Germany. I still have lots of friends and relatives there.

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    Default Re: German confusion (By: Dave D)

    I have always wanted to visit the cathedral in Cologne.

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    Default Re: German confusion (By: technitype)

    Frank (Praezis) is correct.

    Gewindeschneider is the collective term for thread cutting tools.
    Gewindebohrer is the tap.
    Schneideisen is the die.

    Best regards

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    Default Re: German confusion (By: berntd)

    I bought two months ago:

    The left-hand thread!
    From the description of the lot:

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    Default Re: German confusion (By: Artin)

    Yes, but that Gewindeschneideisen was made in France, where it would be called a filire and the male would be a taraud. In Dutch its a schroefdraadsnijder and a tap (m) like in english.

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